SOPA, Manifestos Become Trends, Google Builds Diagrams

December 16, 2011

Weekly digest of articles, news and other interesting materials for web designers and developers from 12/16/2011.

In the current issue: the USA is likely to pass a bill resulting in change of operation of the whole Internet, IDC analytics question success of Windows 8, and much more.


The USA is likely to pass a bill resulting in change of operation of the whole Internet

Appeared a new project Move the Web Forward calling volunteers to take part in web evolution.

Manifestos become trends:

IDC isn't optimistic about Windows 8's success

Android Market hits 10 billion downloads

US senator calls for answers on phone 'snooping'

Apple: We Stopped Supporting Carrier IQ With iOS 5

Lovefilm replaces Flash with Silverlight for streaming


Everything could be bad for Firefox, but now it's fine

Google Chrome will Overtake Internet Explorer in 2012: StatCounter

New Opera features: Style profiler preview. Opera team has presented an updated tool for developers.

The Mozilla Story – all Mozilla ideology is represented in this video.


Best Free Fonts For Designers

Designing for ISO – a story of redesign of organization's website that got in the end adaptive web design.

Top 10 Awesome Ready To Use Photoshop Actions

Uiparade – User Interface Design Inspiration – a well structured library of UI solutions.

Quick look at some of the Popular Web Design Trends from 2011


Google learned to build diagrams

And some browsers already could build them:

The World of Social Media 2011

Here's How People Look at Your Facebook Profile — Literally


Responsive Web Design: Overflow Image with vertical centering – adaptive design for centering of images.

Image Tint With CSS – easy method of discoloration effect and color overlay.

Foundation – easy to use, flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.

Bring Your Forms Up to Date With CSS3 and HTML5 Validation

jQuery Fancy Switch – an interesting variant of a switch realization of a radio-button type.

Knyle Style Sheets – KSS attempts to provide a methodology for writing maintainable, documented CSS within a team.

Relevant Dropdowns: Polyfill for Datalist – The list attribute/datalist element of HTML5 forms.


“Card Fan” CSS3 Gallery Reveal In Four Lines of Code

Numbering In Style – how to correctly design numbered lists using all the power of CSS.


jQuery OrgChart is a plugin that allows you to render structures with nested elements in a easy-to-read tree structure – a plugin for creation of a tree-like dynamic structure.

jQuery 1.7 Visual Cheat Sheet

Hovercard: card-like tooltips

Humane JS: easy-to-use notification system

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding with jQuery – a one-page scroll site with reconfigurable design and an article on how to make one.

Stitches, an HTML5 sprite generator – a great sprite generator using drag-and-drop capabilities of modern browsers (Chrome and Firefox).


IT forecast through 2016


How many HTML5 elements can you name in 5 minutes? – test on how you know HTML5.

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