Top 5 PHP Frameworks Infographic

There is a great deal of frameworks, PHP ones in particular, fighting for developers attention. Zfort Group is an interested party in terms of choosing the best PHP frameworks for our custom PHP projects and internal ones as well. So we are continually investigating trends, developers’ voting, forums, reviews, ratings, etc. We collected unique and very interesting information and it could be really helpful to the PHP community.

So the following infographical analysis of top 5 PHP frameworks is at your disposal:

We really hope that this infographic is helpful for you. Feel free to share it with your PHP-buddies, readers and followers! To do so, just copy/paste the below code to your site/blog:

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<p>From: <a href=""></a>

In case you have any questions or suggestions on the next release of a similar infographic, please add your comments below!

About the Author:

Elena Bizina
Elena Bizina, Copywriter at Zfort Group.
Elena is a Copywriter at Zfort Group. She has come through an exciting path from teaching English to all age groups, toward IT Sales and Marketing. Now Elena is enjoying a part time writer’s job and a full time motherhood.  She particularly loves foreign languages and traveling and plans to carry on with these hobbies in the nearest future.


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