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Symfony is a PHP framework and one of the most popular web development frameworks in the world. Over the last few years, it has also proven itself to be the most fast-developing technology.

If you're looking for a reliable PHP framework that not only can simplify and speed up the development process, but also create a web application that meets all the requirements, Symfony web development is for you.

Symfony offers a secure modular component system that allows combining different modules in multiple ways to create attractive and robust applications. You can add the functionality of the previously developed projects on the go, should you need it. Symfony components can be used in both cases: as a full Symfony experience or as a part in any PHP project.

At Zfort Group we specialize in Symfony2 and Symfony3 development services.

Get a complex functioning solution starting from consultation to design and implementation.

Why choose Symfony framework?

  • Statistics

    According to Symfony official statistics, there are:

    • more than 3,000 contributors;
    • more than 600,000 Symfony developers;
    • more than +48,000,000 framework monthly downloads.

    Zfort Group Symfony development team has the experience and niche tools to build stable web projects.

    Hire a loyal software development team with deep expertise!

  • Knowledge and Experience

    Symfony framework was presented on October 18th, 2005, as a free software launched under the MIT license.

    Some of the Symfony key priorities are listed below.

    • a stable environment;
    • a well-known and internationally recognized framework;
    • an active community that shares knowledge and experience with the framework.
  • Long-term support

    Symfony is supported by SensioLabs, a company with over 13 years of web development experience, and a vibrant international community which only proves its reliability and popularity.

    • Symfony is a practical tool, all its features address real-world-requirements;
    • Forget about "being alone with your screen." Whether it's a question of community support (mailing lists, IRC, etc.) or company support (consulting, training, etc.), you always get answers;
    • Zfort Group offers support services to help you improve your business operations by optimizing your software.
  • Faster development

    Symfony has everything that one expects from a framework: speed, flexibility, reusable components, etc.

    • Developers don't need to re-develop generic features. The saved time can be dedicated to custom features creation.
    • A lot of Symfony bundles are open-source and ready for use;
    • Reusable, standardized components help drive efficiency and quality.

    Zfort Group offers you experience in developing Symfony projects - from architecture and setting up the workflow to the actual project's development and quality assurance.

  • Easy-to-use work environment

    Looking for an innovative and easy-to-use work environment?

    Then Symfony is the right choice.

    • You get integrated solutions created in other environments such as dependency injection (taken from Java);
    • The framework also includes specifically developed solutions such as the Web Debug Toolbar or the Web Profile.

    Don't limit yourself to using one environment only.

    Symfony allows picking the software components you see fit.

Our Symfony Development Services


Web Application Development

Zfort Group is proud to be officially ranked among the best web development companies, according to research platform.

Meet your business challenges with Symfony application development!

Optimize the workflow, get in touch with the customers, increase management processes, and solve other business tasks.


Theme Design & Development

Symfony comes with several built-in form themes that make your forms look great when using some of the most popular CSS frameworks.


CMS & Plugin Development

Complete plugins provide the main functional features, but what if your website needs to perform specific tasks?

Symfony custom plugin development can connect and speed up all the processes.


Configuration & Customization

The main advantage of Symfony configuration is the ability to customize the framework.

Configuration usually involves different application parts (such as infrastructure and security credentials) and different environments (development, production).


Symfony Migration

Database migration is a safe way to update your database schema both locally and on production.

Instead of applying the database changes manually, migrations allow replicating the changes in your database schema safely.


Maintenance & Support

Symphony publishes new releases (patch versions) monthly since the time it was launched.

In addition to that, Zfort Group provides outsourced technical maintenance services that help companies come up with the best solutions basing off their needs.

How We Work

Each project is unique and requires a custom approach. Some companies need one-time
assistance, while others require a dedicated team, and some companies want something in between.

Feel free to choose an engagement model depending on your project's size, budget, and demands.

Business Analysis

  • Stakeholder interview
  • System concept development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Security requirements
  • Scope definition

Engagement Planning

  • Project management plan development
  • Risks analysis
  • Resource availability and scheduling
  • Contract review
  • Scope document

Engagement Execution

  • MVP/Product development
  • Architecture and design
  • Regular progress reviews and calls
  • Testing, launch, and feedback
  • Maintenance

Why Zfort Group?

Since 2000 we have been a Forward Thinking Software Partner for world-class brands.

No matter what your company size and business domain are, we here at Zfort Group are capable of working with a wide range of customers.

We appreciate each client and always provide an individual approach. We analyze each client’s requirements, needs, and business to come up with the most suitable solution.

Get your own future-proof digital business.