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Laravel is a free open source PHP framework that appeared not that long ago, in 2011. Due to the rapid development pace and a huge army of fans, today it is one of the most popular PHP engines.

Laravel's creators called it the "framework for artisans", implying that this platform gives complete freedom of creation that won’t hamper the development process in any way.

At the end of 2013 Laravel released version 4.1 which referred to as "the most promising project for 2014".

And again in 2015 and 2016, Laravel was recognized as the most popular PHP framework according to the same edition which annually conducts interviews with thousands of developers around the world.

Zfort's developers create high-quality projects on Laravel thanks to their extensive experience with this framework, knowledge of its structure and functionality.

Whether you need a landing page, an application, an online store or an enterprise solution, our Laravel developers will create a highly useful business tool that will benefit your business and will be easy to manage.

Outsourcing Laravel development from scratch will ensure the stability of your website, will help you avoid the most common problems related to the existing content management systems (CMS) such as high server load and ready-made modules dependence.

Why Laravel?

  • Easy Syntax

    Laravel's syntax is easier and more elegant than competitors'. Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, took the best of the existing PHP frameworks, as well as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and created a framework that allows a developer to do the same things but faster and more efficient.

  • Scalability

    Development on Laravel supports scalability (additional modules integration) without spending significant extra costs to adjust the existing system.

  • Extensive Functionality

    The framework is just a set of tools for efficient code writing. In the CMS case, all the essential functions can be easily added by installing ready-made modules, while with the frameworks, you have to write them manually every time. To avoid this routine work, Laravel designers have added the possibility of scaling the basic application by installing packages that are similar to CMS modules.

  • Security

    Gaining unauthorized access to the database is extremely difficult. A high level of security guarantees reliable protection against SQL injection and attacks like XSS, CSRF. On top of that, framework versions are being regularly updated.

  • Flexible Admin Panel

    You can implement the most convenient content management systems by creating an individual solution to meet the needs of a specific web project.

  • Caching out of the Box

    Another crucial feature that makes it possible to develop a full-fledged high load project is caching. Laravel provides out-of-the-box mechanisms for caching a web application using Memcached and Redis. Caching in Laravel can also be carried out through other technologies, using the appropriate drivers and packages. The file caching driver is available by default. Thanks to it, the cached information is stored in the file system.

  • Convenient Code Debugging and Testing

    Code debugging is more comfortable thanks to the existing debug panel which benefits the developer’s time and effort. The quality assurance part is represented by the so-called acceptance testing that gives a better idea if a product meets business requirements from a user’s standpoint.

  • Custom Solution

    Laravel is considered to be the best fit for custom solutions, which is the core feature that distinguishes it from CMS.

  • Extensive Documentation and Active Community

    Laravel documentation is well-structured. Since this PHP framework has a lot of followers around the world, there are many different communities, tutorials, and full guides on the net.

  • Regular Releases

    The source code is constantly changing to reflect innovations in PHP and to adjust to the programmers’ needs. New updates help eliminate the existing issues and make the framework even more convenient.

Our Laravel Web Development Services

  • Laravel App Development

    If you have a web application, you will appreciate the main benefits that Laravel can bring for your business:

    • Active audience engagement;
    • Significant orders increase;
    • Brand promotion on the Internet.

    Laravel application development is more delicate and intricate work compared to website development. The accuracy of the application, as well as its efficiency and convenience, depends on the architecture. If you want your web application to be really stylish, up-to-date, and highly efficient, be sure to go with a reliable IT provider with hands-on experience in Laravel web development.

  • Laravel Website Development

    Laravel website development from scratch has advantages that are tangible for both a developer and a project owner:

    • Easy scalability;
    • Security;
    • High performance and speed.

    Zfort Group has a professional approach for each stage of development and is fully involved with the project.

  • Custom Laravel Development

    Custom Laravel development is practiced to create projects of different complexity:

    • Marketplaces;
    • Enterprise solution development;
    • Booking systems;
    • CRM and ERP systems, etc.

    Here at Zfort, we know how to align cutting-edge technologies in Laravel framework development with business goals of our clients. In the end, you are guaranteed to get a reliable project with easy to manage admin panel and high process automation.

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From a one-page website to tailored solutions

Laravel website development allows you to take into account even the smallest wishes on the project’s functionality. Using this PHP framework, one can implement not only simple solutions (for instance, a one-page website) but also complex tailored solutions.


Customized admin panel

The administrative panel can vary depending on the specific needs of the customer, which, in turn, allows you to achieve maximum comfort when managing a project.


Multiple project versions

The significant advantage of a website built with Laravel is the support of multiple project versions. It’ll come in handy when you need a new version of the site where you can test various innovations.


Regular updates

The creators continuously update the framework with the latest changes in PHP, so Laravel is always at the cutting edge of innovative technologies.



Laravel’s creators paid much attention to the scalability of websites. It means you can return to any previous project version at any time if something goes wrong.

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