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Zfort Group provides full stack GoLang development services for custom software development. Our highly skilled developers will assist you in building a scalable, tailored, streamlined, efficient solution to meet your business goals by leveraging all the advantages of GoLang. Let’s boost your business together!

GoLang (also known as Go) is an open source programming language built by Google developers in 2007. Fast, concurrent, cross-platform, scalable, with the syntax similar to C/C++, Go is explicitly designed for large-scale complex B2C or B2B solutions. Developers all over the world have already called GoLang – a server-side programming language of the future.

Why GoLang?

  • GoLang Concurrency

    Go is a simple concurrent programming language. GoLang uses special “goroutines” enabling simultaneous execution of a large number of tasks. An advantage of GoLang’s concurrency is that Go is faster and lightweight in comparison with Java. Goroutines consume only 2 kbs of memory; thus, at any moment you can activate millions of them. It considerably saves resources, and you don’t need to spend extra money to buy additional server space.

  • Scalability

    A scalable programming language is crucial to maintaining complex projects. GoLang brilliantly suits for building large-scale web applications. Industry leaders like Docker and Dropbox have chosen Go language due to its easy scalability. Go is the best choice for a continually growing B2B or B2C solutions.

  • GoLang Smart Standard Library

    The language has everything you need for web development. A lot of features can be implemented using only the standard Go library which is fast and easy to read. The number of third-party libraries is continuously growing. In addition, it is possible to use C and C++ libraries.

  • GoLang Clean and Readable Syntax

    Go language is devoid of complex syntax. Go developers designed an elegant and clean syntax. Since Google has a substantial code base, that thousands of developers are working on, the code should be as simple as possible to comprehend for others. Hence, Go code is user-friendly, and programming on GoLang is straightforward.

  • Speed and Compilation

    GoLang speed is ten times faster than scripting languages’, with less memory consumption. At the same time, the compilation is almost instantaneous. The whole project is compiled into one binary file, without dependencies. And you don't have to worry about memory; there is a garbage collector.

  • Garbage Collection

    The efficient garbage collector automatically manages memory, removing objects no longer used by applications.

  • Cross Platform

    GoLang is specifically developed compatible with various platforms: Windows, Linux. Android, iOs, and others. It means you reduce costs not supporting cross-platform functionality.

  • Safety

    Go is a statically typed language. It allows you to avoid mistakes made by inattention, simplifies reading and understanding of the code, makes the code unambiguous. Moreover, it identifies many errors long before the production stage. For instance, errors in Python are detected only by direct testing. With GoLang it is eliminated at the compilation stage.

  • Compilation Speed

    Compile time was one of the main focus during Go language development. It does not differ from the startup time of an interpreted language. That is, a system written in Go, from uncompiled source code runs at roughly the same speed as a system of similar complexity, written in an interpreted language.

  • High Performance

    GoLang loses in performance for the web (ready-made frameworks) only to Java and C/C++ and is along with Node.js. At the same time, resource consumption is significantly lower than Java’s and much better performance than Python and Ruby’s.

Our GoLang Development Services

  • Custom GoLang Web Development

    GoLang is the right choice for successful custom projects. Its scalability perfectly suits for full-stack web development.

    • B2B/B2C solutions, server-side applications;
    • cloud architecture, web services:
    • content management and customer relationship systems, etc.

    Our skillful developers have extensive experience in GoLang development and are ready to use all the benefits GoLang offers, to create solutions designed specifically to meet your business needs.

  • GoLang Mobile App Development

    GoLang supports native app development, but keep calm; it doesn't mean your app can’t be programmed for iOs. Go is cross-platform and compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems Android and iOs. Here are three main reasons to prefer Go over other languages for your mobile app:

    • High speed;
    • Resource and money saving. A single code is built and implemented on two platforms.
    • Easiness of development.

    Mature and scalable, concurrent, with standard packages and tools facilitating the development process, Golang is undoubtedly a good option for mobile web development.

  • Complex GoLang Software Development

    GoLang is trendy now. Did you know that eminent industry giants switched to Go? Let us give just a few examples:

    • Netfliх empowered with Golang to achieve scalability for a fast-growing project.
    • Uber adopted Go due to its runtime speed, simplicity, and efficiency.
    • Dropbox’s scale is tremendous thereby requires reliability and security of all systems. Dropbox’s engineers discovered a significant benefit of Go, and currently, most of the critical systems are written in GoLang.

    Zfort’s Go programmers can develop customized, cost-efficient software using the full force of Go to grow your business.

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions in Go

    Today blockchain is no longer associated only with cryptocurrency and got famous in various areas. Different programming languages are used in the blockchain solutions development, but we would like to highlight one of the most trendy – GoLang. Go is:

    • Easy to maintain;
    • Fast and efficient;
    • Perfect for microservice architecture.

    Enterprise blockchain solutions demand thousands of line of code and developers face the challenge of its maintenance. Since GoLang code is easy to read and understand, several developers can work on the same projects without hassles.

  • IoT Application Development

    In recent years GoLang has been actively involved in IoT development. In comparison with one of the most used programming language in the internet of things C, Go enables different devices to connect sending and receiving data simultaneously. Go perfectly suits for IoT applications for many reasons; we will list here a few of the significant advantages:

    • Сoncurrency: as we have said before, Go supports a large number of parallel connections.
    • Scalability: it allows to scale up and cope with a considerable number of connected devices to an IoT network.
    • Feature rich: it supports built-in features, Go package manager that can import more functions from officially supported packages, easy integration of external packages in the current application.

    All the benefits mentioned above help cut down on delivery costs and solve a variety of business challenges in IoT.

  • Golang Artificial Intelligence Solutions

    Artificial intelligence is one of the revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. Since GoLang begins his journey through the exciting world of artificial intelligence you can be among the first to unleash the power of Go:

    • Machine learning libraries;
    • Clean and clear code:
    • Easy code modification.

    We believe in GoLang bright feature in AI, and we are eager to inspire you to start your artificial intelligence solutions with Go.

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