Sponsorship Fundraising Tool

This tool allows users/donors to have their own personal fundraising pages on CharityCheckout platform and invite their friends (Cloudsponge, Social Networks) to donate to a charity of their choice. It also enables charities to set up appeals and events under which donors can run fundraising pages

There are four ways this tool may be used:

Charity profile pages

Set up and managed by charities, these pages allow gathering donations to support the cause up to a user’s choice. The page can be easily navigated and managed. The interface includes all the necessary information a potential donor may need to consider: a list of causes the charity supports, the amount of money already raised, a list of recent donors and a description for each cause.


Event pages

This approach differs from the one above by introducing all the members working on one special cause. The page is set up and controlled by charity, but represents the combined result of their efforts for different charity campaigns.


Personal fundraising pages

This method works best for people who would like to gather money in support to some charity organization, special cause, their friend or themselves. The page owner is supposed to share this page across the social media in order to bring attention to a particular cause, raise awareness about the problem, donate money and make a difference.


Team Pages

This is the tool developed for people who do not belong to any charity organization. But if they want to make a difference, they can create an individual fundraising page and invite their friends. That’s a perfect match for situations when a single contributor wants to gather money separately, while still it will be a part of their common goal. Single users are able to create more than one page for the same charity or fundraising event.