IT Digest: Release of Fire Tablet, iPhone 5, Android’s New Benchmark in Market Share, and Much More

September 7, 2012

Are there any changes in the IT world? Certainly, there are! And as usually, we guide you through the latest news with a web design and development digest from the 7th of September.


  1. A serious offer – Amazon has released a new high-tech tablet Fire and ebook reader Kindle at crazy low price.
  2. Apple Is Going to Launch iPhone 5 to the World. The event is scheduled for the 12th of September.
  3. Windows Phone 8 Will Have a New Feature Called Rooms. It will allow users to chat in a virtual room.
  4. Nokia Has Released a Teaser City Lens. It is a service of augmented reality for WP8-smartphones.
  5. Microsoft Will Provide an Opportunity to Return to Windows 7 and Vista. This opportunity will be available for users who purchased computers with Windows 8 Pro after September 26.
  6. Nokia introduced its new line of phones: Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 with wireless charging and Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 920: salvation in the snow; Motorola just trying to keep up with a line of RAZR «All day phone».
  7. Google Abandoned to Sell TV Advertising. Google decided to close Google TV Ads department, which sells television advertising and media planning.
  8. comScore: Android Share in the U.S. Has Increased to 52.2%. The leader in the U.S. is still Samsung company. Apple is on the second place.
  9. The Latest Figures from Google: 1,3 million of Android activations per day, 480 million devices in the world.


  1. A New Mobile Browser for Android. A Chinese company Baidu launched a browser, which appeared to be better than Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  2. Start of Firefox 16 Beta Testing and the Establishment of Aurora Firefox 17. The release of Firefox 16 is scheduled for October 9 and Firefox 17 – for November 20.
  3. Improvements to Developers' Panel in the Forthcoming Firefox 17.
  4. News from Firefox 16. An incremental garbage collector and a command line will start to work in Firefox 16.
  5. Mozilla Stops Development of Firefox Home. Mozilla project representatives reported the termination of development and the removal of application Firefox Home from App Store directory.
  6. Google Chrome Celebrates its 4 Years Birthday. A special project shows major milestones in its formation: from the birth to the present day.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – the website is outstanding for its slide animations and smooth data loading, in addition, has an adaptive design.
  2. – an adaptive portfolio site, which is making the most of available space on the page to display examples of work.
  3. – one page site with nice design and skillful use of CSS3.
  4. – a portfolio with tiled interface, adaptive design and easy navigation. All of these features are making this site memorable.
  5. – a delicious site with nice CSS3-animated and interactive components to create your own dishes.

Design It:

  1. Emulating Microsoft's Metro Design Language. Find out how to start speaking on this pretty new language?
  2. Five Talented Illustrators and Their Favorite Tools in Illustrator.
  3. Keep Your Photoshop Work Editable With Smart Objects. An example of effective use of Smart Object in Photoshop.
  4. How to Deliver the Perfect Design? Tips for designers that want to become real professionals.
  5. Perfectly Paired. Skillful use of symmetry in web design.
  6. E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012. Current status of design of a module for shops.
  7. A Brief History of the Pirelli Logo's Evolution.
  8. 50 Retro Logos for Your Inspiration.
  9. Depth in Web Design with Specific Examples.
  10. 25 Creative and Inspirational Plastic Business Cards.
  11. The First Public Version of the Free Font Family OpenGostFont.
  12. Common Mistakes in the Design of Mobile Sites.
  13. – a project that helps designers to get an invite to the dribbble community.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

    1. A Free plug-Mesh Tormentor for Illustrator CS6 Is Released.
    2. Stiff Staff – decorative sans font.
    3. Sosa – 121 icons in one free webfont!
    4. PSD-layers with ON Button.
    5. Vector Vintage Icons.
    6. Set of Templates for Creating Adaptive Designs.
  1. Concrete Textures.
  2. Sets of Icons from the Depth of Dribble.
  3. Brushes with the Dffect of Stains from Spray.
  4. Fresh Smartphone PSD Files Roundup: HTC One Series, iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy.
  5. PSD-files with a Designer's Badge.
  6. Calendar PSD-files and Metallic Slider.


  1. Word HTML Cleaner – a service for trimming the code that is generated while exporting Word document into a web page.
  2. – online viewer for 3D models.
  3. Editor from Mr. Doob


  1. Impressive Interior of St. Jean Cathedral Created Using WebGL.
  2. Why Do You Need a WebGL? Demo for CCapture.js presentation, which allows recording canvas-animation.


  1. Books from Stack Overflow. A huge collection of programming books on all sorts of languages is available online.
  2. Google Has Released the Second Version of the libwebp 0.2. A new library libwebp 0.2 has an implementation of functions for encode and decode of WebP image format, which is promoted by Google.
  3. The White House Opened the Code of Mobile Applications for Android and iOS. Application's code is available at GitHub under MIT license.
  4. Standards for Web Applications on Mobile by W3C. State of standards for web-based applications for mobile devices in August.
  5. The New Version of Twitter. Twitter in API 1.1 stops RSS and restricts the use of the service by third-party clients.
  6. Play Sound on Hover – Web Audio API Edition.
  7. “A Front End Engineer's Manifesto” and a few details about its creation.
  8. Creation of Ascii Animation with the Help of Sprite, Canvas and JavaScript.
  9. Notes on HTML5. Improved support for HTML5 in IE10 in terms of accessibility.
  10. A Presentation on the Process of Implementation of Adaptive Designs from Zoe Gillenwater.
  11. Selection of Tools for CSS3/HTML5 Support in IE7-9.


  1. Dreams About Better CSS Coding.
  2. General Sibling Selector.
  3. Truth About CSS4. There is no such a thing as CSS4.
  4. Position: Sticky in Webkit.
  5. CSS Shaders WebGL from Adobe Gained W3C Draft Status. Now they are renamed as the CSS Filter Effects.
  6. The Example of the Blur CSS Filter from WebKit (you can watch in Chrome and Safari). And one more example of creating the tilt-shift effect.
  7. Use of :target pseudo-selector while creating multi-screen pages for mobile devices (Off-Screen Designs).
  8. iPhone Style Checkbox for Twitter Bootstrap.
  9. Changing the Page's Skin with Switcher on CSS3.


  1. An Official Blog of Mozilla about JavaScript.
  2. The Next Analysis of the Nuances Associated with the Data Types in JS.
  3. jQuery – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  4. The five Most Popular Downloaders.
  5. tiltShift.js – jQuery plugin, which uses CSS3 filters to create the effect of tilt-shift. Now it only works in Webkit-browsers: Chrome and Safari 6.
  6. Freetile.js – jQuery plugin that allows creating adaptive tile from elements of various sizes. Comparing to its analogues (Masonry, vGrid, Wookmark) there is no need to specify the grid and some other features.
  7. BigScreen – a library that uses the capability of a browser to open images and videos in full screen using JavaScript Fullscreen API. Currently works only in Chrome 15 +, Firefox 10 +, Safari 5.1+.
  8. Enquire.js – Media Query Callbacks.
  9. Withdrawal of Notice about Outdated Browser with jReject.
  10. ScrollToFixed – how to fix panel correctly?
  11. BookBlock – a content flip plugin using CSS to implement the coup pages.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Smashing Magazine celebrated its sixth anniversary and shared an interesting story about itself.
  2. The First Twitter-Wedding Took Place in Turkey.
  3. According to Trademob, 40% of Clicks on Ads Banners in Mobile Applications Are Happening by Accident.
  4. A funny 404 Page.
  5. Alphabet Cards for Designers Who Like Hipster Style.

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