Apple’s New Products, Fresh Numbers from Android, Mark Zuckerberg Interview and Much More

September 14, 2012

If you are interested in the latest IT news, we are happy to provide you with the weekly digest from September the 14th 2012.


  1. Broadcast of Apple's Press Conference: the latest news from one of the biggest companies in the world. On the 12th of September Apple's press conference was held in San Francisco. It was dedicated to the launch of new products. The main topic of the event was the release of iPhone 5, of course.
  2. New Products from Apple. Apple introduced new products that were developed without Steve Jobs' participation. Let's take a look at the characteristics of new devices.
  3. Apple introduced a new version of its smartphone. What's New in iPhone 5?
  4. Here it comes: iOs 6 for iPhone 5! The sixth version of the operating system that is used in the iPhone and iPad, will be released on September 19. However, since the iOS 6 has long been available as a beta version, there are a lot of already known facts about it.
  5. New Apple's Dock Connector. Why users don't like it at all?
  6. Apple Explained Why the New iPhone 5 Has no Wireless Charging and NFC.
  7. A Remarkable Number for Google: half of a billion Android-devices were activated in the world.
  8. Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Interviewed for the First Time after the IPO (+ original quote, the opinion of Mozilla), and the futility of Facebook-phone.
  9. PhpStorm 5 Is Launched with even more clever and useful features.
  10. Wordpress Is Ready for Retina.
  11. Google Received a Patent for the Face Unlock Technology. Google's representatives said that the company has obtained a patent for biometric technology to unlock the screen of a device with a camera – Face Unlock.
  12. Visual Studio 2012: 50 shades of grey by Microsoft.


  1. Firefox 18 will move to IonMonkey, JIT-compiler of a new generation.
  2. The Management of Site's Rights Will Be Simplified in Chrome 23. In Chrome 23 all the basic parameters can be changed more quickly by clicking on the site's icon.
  3. New Firefox Command Line Helps You to Develop Faster.
  4. How to Fix Problems with Adobe Flash in Chrome. Some time ago, Google abandoned the Adobe Flash plug-in. The company began incorporating it directly into the browser to run in a Sandbox mode. What problems it has caused and how to solve them, read in this article.

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. – a website with custom animation guide.
  2. – nice website with animated components and interesting solutions in the design.
  3. – spectacular scrolling page with ads of fitness gadget.
  4. – the Milwaukee police department got a site with good parallax effects and design.
  5. – RED creative agency with creative promotional site that uses an adaptive design, phased data loading and animation effects.
  6. – a small one-page site with nice animation effects.

Design It:

  1. eBay Changed Its Logo. The company even made a one page mini-site dedicated to this.
  2. A Few Logos from the 50's and 60's.
  3. 50 Modern Logos Created in a Variety of Styles.
  4. Collection of Logos. Examples of active use of different techniques for working with typography.
  5. Basics of the Responsive Typography.
  6. Android's Evolution.
  7. Business Cards with the Effect of Extrusion.
  8. Great Collection of Interactive Infographics Created with JS/CSS3.
  9. Designing for the New YouTube Layout.
  10. How to Apply Pattern's Blend Modes Settings to the Properties of the Layer in Photoshop.
  11. Investigation of the History Panel in Photoshop CS6.
  12. Interviews with Professional Designers on Their Approaches to Work.
  13. Design of Tables with Price Plans.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

    1. Best Sources to Hunt for Free PSDs.
    2. No Color Free Typeface.
    3. Collection of Fonts from Frontage to Baffled.
    4. Free Bleached Paper Textures.
    5. Metal and Rustic Old Paper Social Media Buttons.
  1. 50 High Quality Free PSD Templates.
  2. Sources of Various UI Components.


  1. CSS Values – quick tips from the values of CSS-properties.


  1. Interactive Map of U.S. Winds Using Canvas.
  2. Interactive Eye on WebGL.


  1. This Is Responsive – everything you wanted to know about the responsive design now can be found on this web site.
  2. News from the World of Web Standards by Lea Verou.
  3. HTML Email Boilerplate Is Updated.
  4. HTML5 Multimedia Debugging.
  5. Twitter Bootstrap Fast Start. Do you have a task of defining the UI library? Then give a closer look to Twitter Bootstrap. A healthy alternative to JQueryUI and Dojo.
  6. Performance of Web Fonts: improving and accelerating.
  7. Video of HTML5 Storage Presentation.
  8. Video Source by Screen Size.
  9. Several Ways to Draw Triangles.
  10. Evernote + Fireworks = Profit, or how to create a library of patterns even faster.
  11. Links to Academic Researches on Browsers, Front-end Development and Debugging.
  12. Testing of Web Sites in Game Consoles Browsers.
  13. Something from Twitter's Engineers: bower - THE BROWSER PACKAGE MANAGER (html, css, and javascript).


  1. Playing Cards on CSS.
  2. Best CSS Code Snippet Sites.
  3. Interesting Concept for Dropdown Menus.
  4. An Introduction to CSS 3-D Transforms.
  5. Using CSS3 Transitions: A Comprehensive Guide.
  6. Update the CSS3 Gradients.
  7. Experiment with CSS3 3D – FoldScroll.
  8. Button Switches with Checkboxes and CSS3 Fanciness.
  9. :valid or :invalid? 


  1.  jQuery Fundamentals.
  2. jQuery in 2013 — or How to Properly Drop IE.
  3. Mobiscroll – a powerful, easy to set-up HTML5 controller that makes selecting values for your smartphone & tablet users a breeze.
  4. iView Slider – a new advanced modern slider.
  5. Strapdown.js makes it embarrassingly simple to create elegant Markdown documents.
  6. bonsaijs – lightweight graphics library with an intuitive graphics API and an SVG renderer.
  7. Prism – another library for syntax highlighting of code snippets.
  8. The Annotator is an open-source JavaScript library and a tool that can be added to any webpage to make it annotatable.
  9. Sidetap is a simple framework that allows you to quickly build platform-independent mobile web interfaces.
  10. – portal with tools for data visualization.
  11. How to Assemble from the Necessary Modules a New Version of the jQuery 1.8.
  12. vintagejs – impose vintage effects on your photos with JS.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. The Best Sites for Collaborative Online Studying. Online education has become an affordable reality. The fact that a few years ago it was more a fetish and a theoretical possibility, but today it is a high-grade, high-quality and often free tool.
  2. Lady Gaga's New Album will be released in the form of applications for iOS.
  3. This Month the Number of Sites on the Internet Decreased by 8 Million. At the beginning of September, there are 620 million sites and personal blogs functioning in the Internet. This number is 8 million less than in August 2012.
  4. Barak Obama Joined Foursquare. U.S. President Barack Obama has made an account in location-based service Foursquare.
  5. Real Projection Keyboard Is Already Available. Users usually do not like keyboards without mechanical keys, but if we have to choose between a small screen keyboard and a relatively large projection, a person is more likely will choose the second variant.
  6. A Student from Poland Created an Outstanding Device. Waldeck Vegzhin, from Katowice city (Poland), created a prototype of the book that is erasing boarders between paper books and electronic publications.
  7. Bears for Rent. Have you ever dreamt of drinking beer with a bear? Now you have a chance to do that!
  8. The Placebo Effect: iPhone 4s feels lighter, more stylish and faster if you say that this is iPhone5.
  9. Nano Sim Card for iPhone 5. SIM-cards for today's smartphones are getting smaller. What is going to be next?

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