Introduction of Facebook Gifts, Mozilla Persona Service, Close of Apple’s Ping and Much More

October 5, 2012

Up-to-the-minute informational technology and computing news in our traditional weekly digest from October the 5th 2012.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg Visits Moscow. The first news from Mark Zuckerberg was: a photo on his personal Facebook page against the St. Basil's Cathedral and a photo from McDonald's.
  2. Introducing Facebook Gifts. Social network Facebook introduced a service through which users can give each other material gifts.
  3. Android Developers: ICS and Jelly Bean got a quarter of Android-devices.
  4. Mozilla Persona Service Switched to Beta Testing. Mozilla announced identification service Persona to go to the stage of beta testing, it is based on the use of the BrowserID protocol.
  5. Bootstrap Separates from Twitter.
  6. Google Bought a Ukrainian Startup Project.
  7. Yandex Takes on Google with an Alternative Android App Store
  8. CD Is 30 Years Old. Thirty years ago, on October the 1st, 1982, an absolutely new media format arrived to the shops for the first time. That was CD.
  9. Regular Cleaning of Services from Google.
  10. Ping. Social network from Apple was officially closed.
  11. Study Shows that 25% of Americans Own a Tablet.
  12. Microsoft Introduced TypeScript. New script should become an alternative to JavaScript.
  13. Microsoft Will Launch a News Service Based on MSN.


  1. We Look Forward to the Launch of New Interface of Firefox 19.
  2. How to Download Firefox Browser in Windows and Don't Run Internet Explorer?
  3. Firefox 18 Gets a Web Installer.
  4. Yandex Launched Its Own Browser.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – thematic portfolio site with animations.
  2. – a site that shows you how to promote your book online.
  3. – advanced site for Hipstamatik.
  4. – nice site with a design style of space shooter and JS-animation.
  5. – a collection of women's shoes with a nice configurator.
  6. – custom geometry and complex JS-animation
  7.;viewMode=0 – CONSUMER BAROMETER + Google = interactive statistics about the behavior of customers in the world, using SVG.

Design It:

  1. The Story of the New
  2. Designing Metro Style: principles and personality.
  3. Popular Typography Trends for Web Design.
  4. Designing for Mobile, Part 1: Information Architecture.
  5. OpenDyslexic: font gains ground with help of Instapaper.
  6. More than 100 of Vintage Beer Advertising Posters for Your Inspiration.
  7. Infographics on Anatomy of Infographics.
  8. 30 Clever Logo Parodies Of Famous Brands.
  9. Logo Concept Being Developed for the Mozilla Persona System.
  10. Showcase: 60 Logos Inspired by Simple Shapes.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Obey Typeface.
  2. Free Wood Textures.
  3. Mr.Frog Restaurant Free Website PSD Template.
  4. 50 High Quality Free Web Elements PSD.
  5. A Set of 120 Monochrome Icons in Formats PNG, PSD, CSH.
  6. A Bag of Vector Icons. Wilderness survival vectors, free download.
  7. A Dozen of Useful Fonts from Infinity to CARTON.
  8. Pictonic – type that includes 230 pieces in its free version.
  9. Great Big Package of Icons for Android in Vector Photoshop Format.
  10. 20 Pictures of Young People with a Carved Background in PNG Format.
  11. Ten Brashes for Halloween.
  12. A Small Selection of Fresh Decorative Fonts: 400ml Type, Alt Matey v2, Beams, Pathway, and font Civita Light.


  1. RetinaCapture Smarter Screenshot Capturing on Retina Macs.
  2. Will Compress PNG to the Required Dimensions.


  1. Animation of CSS3 Images.
  2. Microservice for Drawing Box-shadow Pixel Images Using CSS3.
  3. Convert Any Image into CSS Code.
  4. Insane 3D Configurator of Cars in Three.js.


  1. Chrome Dev Tools: Markup and Style.
  2. Top Validation Errors.
  3. CSS3 vs jQuery Animations.
  4. Documentation for Adobe ® Edge Web Fonts.
  5. Webmaster Guidelines from Google – best practices to help Google search, crawl, and index your site.
  6. Announcement of jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Final.
  7. A Large Collection of Themes for PhpStorm.
  8. BootMetro – Metro style web framework.
  9. Live Weather Display Using CSS, jQuery and PHP.
  10. Official TypeScript site and explanation about the new language from Microsoft. Opinions on TypeScript from: Douglas Crockford, Scott Hanselman.
  11. pythontutor – how to learn Python easily.
  12. Third Version of Joomla with Twitter's Bootstrap Is Launched.
  13. A Few Words about Problems of Downloading Large Images and Adaptive Design.
  14. Presentation of Brackets.
  15. Any Image to CSS Converter. Use the box-shadow opportunity that allows you to draw pixel by pixel.
  16. Some Fun About Development of the Web from Christian Heilmann.
  17. Presentation of "Responsive Web Design from the Future".
  18. The Current State of the Remote Debugging of Web Applications in Mobile Devices by Addy Osmani.
  19. Great List of Useful Tools for Front End Developer.


  1. CSScomb: Sorting CSS Properties, The Better Way.
  2. CSS Filter Effects.
  3. Any Image to CSS Converter.
  4. Mona Lisa in Pure CSS.
  5. Master the New CSS Layout Properties.
  6. Twitter Bootstrap in Windows 8 style.
  7. Getting started with CSS custom filters.
  8. Debugging Sass in Webkit Browsers.


  1. jQuery updated its documentation:, .
  2. ReView.js — responsive viewport.
  3. Tiny Circleslider – small plug-in to create a circular carrousel on jQuery.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Stock Android Isn't Perfect: these are the things I can't stand about Jelly Bean.
  2. Paul Allen about Windows 8: an elegant, innovative and puzzling system.
  3. Tim Cook apologizes for new maps in iOS.
  4. Problems with Maps in iOS 6 Had No Effect on the Sales of iPhone 5.
  5. NASA's Curiosity Rover Checks In on Mars Using Foursquare.
  6. Video of the Day: Nokia criticizing the boring colors of iPhone 5 in Lumia 920 advertising.
  7. Another Benchmark from HTML5 :)
  8. KittyDar – service for defining on pictures of catface.

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