IT Digest: Apple, Microsoft Conferences, Firefox Marketplace, Evolution of Logo Designs and Much More

October 26, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 26th of October.


Based on Apple conference:

  1. Report from Apple's San Jose iPad Mini Event on October 23, 2012. Apple has announced several new products including a new iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPads. The iPad Mini stole the show.
  2. Apple has announced updated iMac and Mac Mini. New 21.5 inch and 27 inch iMacs look even better than the previous versions. The new iMac is 5mm thick and has an updated quad-core Intel Core i5 processor and new NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, the new iMacs come with 8GB of ram and various drive options including flash storage and hybrid flash drivers.
  3. Let's say hello to iPad Mini: Apple introduced a thinner and lighter tablet computer with the cheapest asking price of $329 for a 16GB model with Wi-Fi only, pre-order starts on Friday, October 26, 2012.
  4. iPad Mini vs. iPad 4 specs: new tablet features; iPad 3 removed from Apple store. The company surprised the tech community not only by a smaller iPad, but also updating the standard iPad with a fourth-generation iteration just seven months after its last update.
  5. The iPad mini vs. the competition. A trio of like-sized slabs allows us to see how Apple's latest (and daintiest) iPad shapes up to the competition.

Based on Microsoft Conference:

  1. Microsoft highlights Surface at Windows 8 launch at Pier 57 in New York October 25, 2012.
  2. Microsoft launches Windows 8. Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, says Windows 8 is a radical makeover of the previous versions of the software and is designed for a new generation of touchscreen tablet computers and laptops.
  3. Different versions of Windows 8. After three years in development, Windows 8 has finally been unleashed in all its glory – and with a slimmed down number of different editions.
  4. Microsoft web site is updated.
  5. Welcome Skype for Windows 8: it's fast, easy and beautiful. The release focuses on delivering previous positive experience with a set of updated features like IM, audio and video calls. It also takes advantage of some of the new features and functionality of Windows 8 that put people front and center; including integration in to the People Hub, ability to pin favorite contacts as a tile for easy access and the Skype Live Tile that shows messages and notifications right on the Start Screen.


  1. Yandex Lining up its Own Android Version. Arkady Volozh, CEO of the company is looking to forge their own Android-based ecosystem. Which presumably involves forking the Android source code and developing their own apps for e-mail, search etc.
  2. Firefox Marketplace is now available for testing. Mozilla has opened its Firefox Marketplace app store for the first time in its latest test Aurora build of the browser for Android, asking early adopters and developers for their feedback.
  3. The University at Bionoc Hill technopark will be opened in spring 2012. A training center for IT-specialists, including courses for java developers, QAs, and disciplines on cloud computing, iOS and others that will be started a bit later.
  4. Microsoft announces Office 365 University, bringing subscription-based productivity apps to students. Office 365 University gives students access to all the standard Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. The University edition will also be available to faculty and staff.
  5. Google releases search app for Windows 8. Google is helping users to take advantage of the new capabilities in Windows 8 offering a free app that lets users access Google services through a dedicated app rather than through a Web browser.


  1. Mozilla is getting closer to making H.264 video work in Firefox. When it arrives, Firefox H.264 will finally be supported in every major web browser, desktop and mobile.
  2. Ericsson Research announced the world's first WebRTC-enabled browser, called Bowser, for mobile devices. Bowser enables web developers to add audio and video functionality to their mobile web applications. A web application can establish audio and video calls with another device or call audio/visual services using the WebRTC API that Bowser implements and exposes.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – 20+ inspirational examples of diagonal website design.
  2. – a nice one-page web site with animations.
  3. - French web site, with 3D-effects built in canvas, devoted to the American TV shows.
  4. – portfolio with an unusual effect of guiding to work samples.
  5. – modern advertising of barbecue using the latest animation techniques of without-flash animation.

Design It:

  1. Mozilla Style guide
  2. What you need to know about JPEG files.
  3. Create a headset icon in Photoshop.
  4. 40 brilliant Android mobile app user interfaces.
  5. 50 symmetrical logos.
  6. Evolution of Logo Designs.
  7. 40 unique and amazing examples of brochure design.
  8. Web designer's arsenal: a collection of free useful websites.
  9. How full page background images affect the user experience.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Free download: dashboard elements PSD
  2. 45 fresh and free high quality icons in PSD format
  3. Free dark user interface kits
  4. 3D iPhone 5 Psd vector mockup v2
  5. 5 free high resolution wall texture
  6. Free icon gont: pictonic cube
  7. LSTK Clarendon font
  8. LSTK GaraPen tiny font
  9. Bokeh font a la Pacman
  10. Free vector texture pack for Adobe Illustrator
  11. Best sites for quality, free icons
  12. 2400 flag icon set containing the icons in several sizes – 16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, and 64×64.


  1. Automated front-end web testing
  2. whatbrowser – helps friends, family and colleagues to choose a modern browser!
  3. – users cloud storage.


  1. Makisu – CSS 3D Dropdown Concept.


  1. Fronteers 2012conference video records.
  2. BEM Tools. A toolkit to work with files based on BEM methodology.
  3. How to integrate WordPress with other popular CMSs.
  4. Automatically serve retina artwork.
  5. Let's talk about semantics.
  6. Viewport Resizer – responsive design bookmarklet.
  7. Slit Slider – a nice revised slider with adaptability and animation.
  8. 3D CSS3 book generator with jQuery.
  9. Your mobile site is slower than you think.
  10. Some great stuff I learnt about HTML5 audio with a rather nice flash fallback.
  11. jQuery uLED plugin that can be used as a countdown, a clock or as a random numbers.
  12. Looking beyond common media query breakpoints.
  13. The road to reusable HTML components.
  14. Add telephone number links with HTML5.
  15. Responsive pricing tables using :target for small screens.
  16. Device screen resolutions ordered by OS.
  17. HTML5 and SEO.
  18. State of HTML5 game development by Pascal Retting.
  19. When mobile browsers attack! by Pamela Fox.
  20. Style Guide shows all page content elements that may be used within the website.
  21. David Mosher presentation about browsers pages rendering features "So, You Want to Be a Front-End Engineer?"
  22. How to design a mobile game With HTML5 by Eoin McGrath.


  1. LESS CSS – Beginner's Guide.
  2. How to convert old CSS To LESS.
  3. Another CSS image replacement technique.
  4. CSS3 conditional statements.
  5. A collection of handy CSS snippets.
  6. CSS3 fly menu.
  7. Debugging CSS media queries.
  8. One% CSS – Grid 12 Columns Fluid CSS Grid System.
  9. Polyfilter – a CSS Filters Polyfill.
  10. Create a trendy retro photo effect purely with CSS.
  11. Create shaped avatars with CSS and Webkit.
  12. The future of css layout Presentation at FUTURE OF WEB DESIGN conference.
  13. The CSS of tomorrow presentation by Peter Gasston.
  14. CSS pre-processors: 21st century CSS presentation by Steve Workman.
  15. CSS Flexbox by Simurai.
  16. Free jQuery UI Themes Collection.


  1. fineuploader – library for file uploader custom design.
  2. Greensock JavaScript animation.
  3. 25 jQuery plugins to help with responsive layouts.
  4. Slicebox Revised.
  5. Quo.js – micro javascript library.
  6. Grid—A—Licious – adaptive grid.

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. Web design podcasts.
    2. Notes on accessibility of's new home page.
    3. What Android fanatics say about IPhone.
    4. iPad minini.
    5. DARPA's Pet-Proto robot climbs, balances, jumps, comes to get you.
    6. What IE is doing with the web sites.
    7. Steven Sinofsky has used Surface tablet as a skateboard.
    8. Instagram has been bought for $1 billion.
    9. Top 10 myths about QR codes
  1. Make it rain with kittens!

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