IT Digest: Skype Will Replace Windows Live Messenger, IE Revives, Chrome 23 Release and Much More

November 9, 2012

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 9th of November.


  1. It's official: Skype will replace Windows Live Messenger soon. – Microsoft has confirmed that Windows live messenger will be retired and Skype will replace it as the company's messaging service in 2013.
  2. Announcing Instagram Profiles on the Web! – The first true attempt from the photo-sharing service has been made to provide users with a more complete version of user identity accessible through the Web. (An example of Nike profile).
  3. «Yandex.Maps» released maps for Europe and the United States. – The new maps, licensed by Yandex from Navteq in early 2012 are aimed not at the local population, but mostly at travelers from Russia and Turkey, the company explained. Particularly, the names of streets and other geographic objects may be transliterated into Russian and Turkish soon.
  4. Authoritative magazine TIME has included the project Enable Talk of the Ukrainian team quadSquad in the list of the best inventions of 2012. – The project developed by Ukrainian Team quadSquad allows deaf individuals to communicate verbally using custom-designed sensory gloves and a smartphone application to translate sign language gestures into speech.


  1. IE percentage rate has started to rise up.
  2. Google releases Chrome 23: – The last major browser finally gets Do Not Track support as well as WebRTC support. The update is more fine-grained still with a quick drop-down menu to selectively turn off access to cameras, location and other sensitive details on a site-by-site basis.
  3. Chrome 23 brings hardware accelerated video decoding, which Google says can lead to battery life improvements of up to 25%. – That's assumes spending a lot of time watching videos on the laptop while being away from a power outlet.
  4. Turbo: Yandex rolls out new version of its browser with built-in data compression. – A small but neat update for Russian search giant Yandex today: It's released a new version of its Yandex. Browser which incorporates Opera's Turbo webpage compression technology to speed up internet browsing on slow internet connections such as 3G or public Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Opera 12.10 final available now. – The new version of the browser is a recommended upgrade for all Opera 12.x and previous users as it is fixing security issues in the browser. See release details here.
  6. Mozilla Firefox Beta Mandates Use of Secure Connections for Certain Sites.
  7. Report: Internet Explorer 10 Is The Fastest Browser On Windows, Chrome 19 Wins On Mac. –While Internet Explorer 10 is currently compatible with the Windows 8 platform only, Microsoft promises to release a separate build aimed at Windows 7 users any time now.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. – an interesting parallax option for the main banner.
  2. – curtain effect for the one-page web site scrolling.
  3. – delicious Dutch web site with custom navigation.
  4. Paris is an amazing city.

Design It:

  1. Exploration Of Single-Page Websites
  2. Six Expected Web Design Trends in 2013.
  3. Updated browsers logos.
  4. The Return of the Scroll.
  5. The Power of Black in Web Design + Infographic.
  6. Bussiness Card Tutorials.
  7. Modern UI Style Design by Microsoft.
  8. Gender bending.
  9. Using Icons the Right Way.
  10. Negative Space Logos with Examples and Analysis.
  11. What's good design?
  12. 40 Amazing Tutorials For Illustrators And Photoshoppers.
  13. Color Palette Tools for Designers.
  14. Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts And Optimal Form Field Labels.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Fresh Free Fonts - Barkentina, Lusitana.
  2. Another iPhone5 Template (Final).
  3. Free Dark User Interface Kits.
  4. POLY TYPE (Free Font).
  5. 10 Beautiful and Free Humanist Sans Serif Fonts.
  6. Extended Entypo Glyph Set (EPS, PDF, PSD, Typeface, Web Font).
  7. IcoMoon – Browse and select icons to download them or make a font.
  8. 14 New and Free PSDs for Web Designers.
  9. 22 Best Free User Interface Kits and Design Wireframes.
  10. 10 Free Website PSD Templates.
  11. Responsive Showcase Psd.
  12. Gray Vector Badges Free Download.
  13. Free Gritty/Grainy Texture Pack for Adobe Photoshop.


  1. flexplorer – Assistant to create flexbox-layout.
  2. liffect – effect for lists generator.


  1. Media Query Mario – A progressive series of CSS3 animation fired by media.


  1. Create Site in Windows 8 Style with Metro UI CSS.
  2. Optimising for Retina: 10 essential tools.
  3. Grid–A–Licious – Making grids sexier on the net since –08. Now fully responsive..
  4. Responsive background images with fixed or fluid aspect ratios.
  5. The Importance of Adding Alt Tags and Title Tags to Images on Your Website.
  6. PHPStorm [software worth buying].
  7. BASE – Super Simple Responsive Framework built to work on mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and desktop computers.
  8. Camera and Video Control with HTML5.
  9. Fullscreen API.
  10. Montage – An HTML5 framework for building modern Web Apps..
  11. Angelina Fabbro: Inspector Web and the Mystery of the Shadow DOM.
  12. Adding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) In Unsupported Browser.
  13. MotionCAPTCHA v0.2.
  14. HTML5 forms (and IE10 (Mobile)).
  15. Chrome Developer Tools: Search or navigate to files, methods or line numbers.
  16. Design pattern to develop Chrome extension.
  17. Demo web site creation by Chris Coyier.
  18.  How to make your web app to feel responsive and smooth when doing animations, transitions, and other small UI effects.


  1. Off Canvas Menu with CSS :target.
  2. Mission: Impossible – iPad mini detection for HTML5.
  3. The CSS physical unit problem.
  4. The Facebook Loading Animation in CSS.
  5. display: none; Or The things you think are common knowledge but really they aren't.
  6. How to enable syntax highlighting for LESS in Notepad++.
  7. Create a TV Screen 404 Page with Clever CSS Tricks.
  8. CSS3 Lighting Effects.
  9. How to set inner shadow on text in CSS (in webkit…).
  10. The Facebook Loading Animation in CSS.


  1. bootup.js – cash and download the statisticw from local storage.
  2. Gamma Gallery – a Responsive Image Gallery Experiment.
  3. crumble – a quirky, interactive tour for your website or app.
  4. Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript by Addy Osmani.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Firefox OS – video presentations and slides on the OS, WebAPIs, hacking and writing apps.
  2. Mars, Then and Now: Google Mars Update.
  3. Add Clippy or his friends to any website for instant nostalgia.
  4. How to Adjust Your Facebook News Feed.
  5. 32GB Surface Leaves 16GB Storage After Windows RT, Apps.
  6. Apple accused of hiding U.K. Samsung 'apology' with code.
  7. Kim Dotcom Announces 400 Million Dollar Plan to Provide New Zealand With Free Internet.
  8. Election 2012: President Obama, Twitter Break Records.
  9. Facebook's First Commercial Talks about Chairs, Confuses Us [Video].
  10. Race screen pixel density is far from its peak.
  11. Easter eggs in Google containing conway's game of life (look at the upper right corner of the page)
  12. The Internet map by Ruslan Enikeev.
  13. In the Netherlands in the next year will be smart road.

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