IT Digest: Xbox One, Jolla Smartphone, Front-End Technologies, Web Components and Much More!

May 24, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from the 24th of May.


Top Seven News

Xbox One

Xbox One console from Microsoft. Here everything you need to know about Xbox One console from Microsoft + and everything that is known about the console at the moment + Xbox One reveal 2013 highlights (video). All currently known games are here. But Average gamers are puzzled by Xbox One. And finally… Xbox One is the most restrictive console in the world.

Yahoo News

Yahoo confirms the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Free photo storage of 1TB for each user in Flicker from Yahoo.New Flickr, more details on Tumblr and other news from Yahoo CEO + how users imagine new Tumblr. And in addition, New Flickr: beautiful design, but few new features.


The first Jolla Smartphone at $500 from a group of the former Nokia engineers. Jolla's first smartphone based Sailfish OS, but runs Android apps + 5 things to know about Jolla's open source OS.

Google I/O for Developers

Google I/O reports records. Paul Irish: Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013. Google I/O 2013 - Mobile HTML: the future of your sites (video). Google I/O 2013: Chrome packaged apps guide + Google I/O 2013: Q&A with the Blink team (video).

We offer you a website with a selection of the best resources, podcasts, developers, events and news from the scope of Frontend development.

Web Components

Web Components: A tectonic shift for web development - Google I/O 2013. Google's Polymer and the future of web UI frameworks. An official website of Polymer, a new type of library for the web. Note that Google believes web components are the future of web development.

grumpy cat
Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat wins "Meme of the year". An appropriate selection + website.


Xbox One News:

  1. Xbox One console from Microsoft — on Tuesday Xbox console, the 3rd generation of Xbox gaming console systems was officially unveiled by Microsoft at Redmond headquarters. During a launch event Yusuf Mehdi, a senior vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business introduced some of the new features of the updated gaming device including voice control, live games and others. According to the specs Xbox One includes an 8-core CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB HDD as well as Blu-Ray drive, 802.11 wireless with Wi-Fi Direct, HDMI in/out and USB 3.0.
  2. Everything you need to know about Xbox One console from Microsoft — having entered the video game console market in 2001 Microsoft managed to ship more than 76 million Xbox 360s since then. On May 21, 2013, the company revealed the next-gen Xbox One. The post contains info compounded to separate all facts from rumors in order to give readers a better sense of what to expect from the innovative device including hardware, software, content and others + Xbox One reveal 2013 highlights (video).
  3. Xbox One: everything that is known about the console at the moment — on May 21st, 2013, Microsoft introduced a new entertaining gaming console Xbox One. The authors of the post put together the main facts currently known about the console and divided them into separate easy-to-read sections.
  4. Xbox One: all currently known games in one place — on Tuesday's event in Redmond together with introduction of the innovative console Xbox One that will be released later this year the company's officials announced the development of 15 exclusive games to hit the platform within its first year. In addition, eight of them are promised to be totally brand-new franchises, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break, EA Sports and others.
  5. Average gamers are puzzled by Xbox One — all so well-known numbers are completely forgotten. Now Xbox is only one. Now it consists of three main items: a console itself, a joystick and a controller called Kinect 2. Now it is supplied with the Xbox, so it should not be bought separately as it was before. Moreover, Kinnect is an integral part of the innovative console and the further proper work of the device is impossible without it. The price of the console supposed to be rather high while it was not unveiled yet.
  6. Xbox One: the most restrictive console in the world — the gaming future is going to be rather bleak if it really depends on Xbox One. Its introduction was held not in a large conference hall as Sony did it before, but in Microsoft's headquarter in Redmond in an ordinary tent. Note that Xbox One software seems to be not for average minds as well. The console is controlled by three operating systems. Xbox OS is charged with games, Windows 8 is for everything else while the third separate system is responsible for the interaction of the first two. How secure all these interactions are in use - it is not clear yet.

Yahoo News:

  1. Yahoo confirms the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 billion — on Monday morning Yahoo announced its intention to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Tumblr, a social micro blogging service was founded by David Karp in 2007 and is now headquartered in New York. As for the values in the press release, Tumblr has now 300 million monthly unique visitors and 120,000 everyday sign-ups. Obtaining Tumblr, Yahoo expects to receive 50% more audience while 27 % of Trumble users aged of 18 - 24 and other 28 % are 25 to 34.
  2. Free photo storage of 1TB for each user from Flicker — Yahoo! that has owned Flickr, one the oldest photo sharing web services, announced that free personal accounts can now store up to 1 Terabyte (1000GB) of images. Note that 1TB of storage equals 537,731 photos shot with 6.5-megapixel cameras, and 218,453 for 16-megapixel shots. Meanwhile a premium account from Flickr can be purchased as well ($49.99 per year). This type of account allows users to double storage their space to 2TB ($499 per year).
  3. New Flickr, more details on Tumblr and other news from Marissa Mayer — according to Yahoo! CEO it's too early to determine how Flickr and Tumblr will work together. In addition Mrs. Mayer confirmed the changes in Yahoo's real estate. The company's New York offices and staff - 500+ employees not including the new Tumblr staff - are moving into the former New York Times building on 43rd Street. The company also aims to get its name on the building + how users imagine new Tumblr.
  4. New Flickr: beautiful design, but few new features — when logging in a user faces the updated news feed. In previous versions the main page listed activities for a user's photos and recent uploads from their Flickr contacts. Now, it became much more visual with high-quality images and redesigned UI. Instead of traditional blue-pink-white color scheme Yahoo has used black shades to accentuate background photos. All available photos are surrounded by black shades as well. Below each photo there are the sections to post comments, view the image details and tags.

Samsung News:

  1. $800,000 Galaxy S4 app challenge from Samsung — the South Korean manufacturer has launched its "Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013," inviting developers who work with the company's peer-to-peer software to develop competitive apps for the S4 phone. The contest includes $800,000 in prize money. Samsung's challenge will determine the best Galaxy S4 apps that make use of the Samsung Chord SDK.
  2. Samsung Knox obtained official Department of Defense approval — Knox-enabled devices from Samsung have been recently approved for Department of Defense use. Samsung officials noted in a press release that this marks the first time Android devices have been approved for use by the U.S. government and special military forces.

Jolla News:

  1. The first Jolla Smartphone at $500 — a group of the former Nokia engineers have finally the first Jolla phone with the following specs: a 4.5" display, dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, 4G, 16GB of onboard storage, a microSD slot. Nothing too extraordinary... except one unique feature. The contrasting removable back cover. The phone recognizes which cover is attached and changes its colored theme to match it.
  2. Jolla's first smartphone based Sailfish OS, but runs Android apps — according to Jolla chairman Antti Saarnio the Jolla allows its users to download Android apps and differentiates it positively from others. He states that the company plans to focus on the Asian market, as a rapid growth in the region's middle class is increasing demand for smartphones. Moreover, it plans to raise 30 million Euros via convertible bonds in June 2013 + 5 things to know about Jolla's open source OS.

Google News:

  1. A button-free voice search is available in Chrome — the latest release of Chrome 27 is already known to contain Google's conversational voice search feature. Although the service surely is not an ideal one yet and is still under exploration, nevertheless it can understand where you are, look up events on your calendar, and even understand some simple context + Search out loud with Voice Search (video).
  2. Checkout is to be closed on November 20 in favor of Google Wallet — according to an official announcement on the Google Commerce blog Checkout for merchants will be shutting down in a half a year as the company is moving to Google Wallet, a mobile payment system debuted in March 2011. A live webinar on May 23 is held by Google to help merchants learn more about the upcoming changes.
  3. YouTube's 8th anniversary: 100+ hours of video uploaded per minute — first launched in May 2005 YouTube is now visited by 1 billion of users monthly while millions of partners are creating content for YouTube and more than 1,000 companies with thousands of employees worldwide have approved a one-hour mid-day break to watch  YouTube videos just to relax.
  4. Google starts to support markup for company logos — on 16th May Google announced in its webmaster central blog a new schema that supports company logos. The use of the company's markup within allows Google algorithms to comprehend which image on the server is the chosen logo. If such a file is used on the home page, it can be designated from the same IMG tag that is used on the user's website.

Other News:

  1. Yandex got its own domain zone — according to information portal Lі an international non-profit organization ICANN approved Yandex's appeal to launch new .yandex domain that is going to be used for internal goals of the company. While in the future the domain could be used to host the international version of the search engine, as well as the other services of the company such as, Yandex.mail and others.
  2. Istabank is launching mobile transfers on Facebook — Russia-based startup Instabank has successfully unveiled Russia's first social banking app. iPhone users are now able to transfer money to their Facebook friends who also use Instabank, get push-notifications of new account activity and add geo-tags and photos to their transactions. Having introduced the social banking Instabank's founders hope to "revolutionize the banking sector the same way as Instagram has already revolutionized the world of photography world”.
  3. Ukrainian museums have joined the Google Art Project — Google announced that starting from 22nd May Internet users all over the world are able to see various masterpieces presented in the collections of two Ukrainian museums:  the Saint Sophia of Kyiv and Ivan Honchar Museum of folk art. Thus, anyone can take a virtual tour inside the cathedral and see the unique frescos of Kievan Russia the walls and the ceiling of this architectural monument are decorated with.
  4. Steve Wilhite: GIF is pronounced like JIF — Steve Wilhite, a creator of that already rather old, but still very relevant GIF format that allowed color graphics to be widely used on the web several years ago, states that the pronunciation of his invention is just "JIF" and that's it + Steve Wilhite's Webby Award acceptance speech on YouTube (video).
  5. Apple is testing a 1.5-inch OLED screen for iWatch — in our digest issues we have already mentioned several times that Apple is developing a smartwatch iWatch and plans to reveal it in Q4 2013. According to the latest reports in the Taiwanese Economic Times Apple is doing its best to test 1.5" OLED displays for use in their iWatch. Meanwhile, the earlier reports suggested that Apple nearly approved a 1.8" display, which could be manufactured by RITEK, but declined it at the very last moment having chosen the smaller size.


  1. Google Chrome 27 released — on Tuesday Google released Chrome v.27 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new version features include 5% faster web page loads and very useful innovations for developers. With the browser's built-in silent updater anyone can update to the latest Chrome version or just download it directly from As in previous releases, Google also included the usual bug fixes, a new version of V8 and much more.
  2. Chrome 27 for Android brings desktop features — Chrome v.27 for Android 27 has just been released by Google. The latest version includes several new features such as full-screen support on smartphones and the ability to access a history of previously opened tabs on tablets. The simplified searching tool, client-side certificate support, an ability to switch to full-screen mode to maximise screen real estate by scrolling down the page and are the other key features of the updated version. Google Chrome 27.0.1453.90 is available now as a free, open-source download for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.
  3. NVIDIA demonstrates 1080p HD mobile video Conferencing at Google I/O with Tegra 4 — the operation is done using a tablet with a Tegra 4 multi-core processor running a video-conferencing app over hardware-accelerated WebRTC (Web with Real Time Communications).
  4. A video from Microsoft to parody Google Chrome ad — an internal video made by Microsoft developers to imitate Google's Chrome ad introduced at Google I/O conference a couple of weeks ago. The version from Microsoft shows users Google icon tracking them everywhere just to gain more advertising profit.
  5. The first stable release of based on WebKit Opera browser for Android — Opera Software announced the release of the first stable version of the new Opera browser for Android platform. The browser is based on the WebKit browser engine and V8 JavaScript engine. Currently the browser is based on WebKit and V8 versions from Chromium 24, but in future releases the switch to Blink codebase is planned within which Google initiated implementation of a WebKit fork + Google I/O 2013: Q&A with the Blink team (video).
  6. Firefox 22 beta testing and aurora-branch of Firefox 23 — Firefox 22 moved to the stage of beta testing that means the termination of the basic functionality formation and focusing attention on the detection of bugs and quality control. At the same time the aurora-branch of Firefox 23 is formed. innovative features of Firefox 23 are not approved yet as in the testing phase of the aurora-branch the certain innovations and their readiness to be released will be checked additionally. Beta release can be downloaded here on this page, and the aurora-version here. The release of Firefox 22 is scheduled on June 25 while the release of Firefox 23 is scheduled on August 6.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. CSS Tube Map by John Galantni.
  2. The interactive ear — a guide to human hearing.
  3. — a custom website with lots of animation.
  4. kick-my-habits — a funny social website.
  5. — an unusual approach to portfolio design.

Design It:

  1. Typographic design patterns and current practices (2013 edition).
  2. Transform each beta (script).
  3. A collection of 100 pixelated camera illustrations.
  4. How to solve the ‘sharing huge design files amongst teams' problem.
  5. My app design workflow.
  6. Creating a coffee house logo – from theory to vector in Adobe Illustrator.
  7. 8GB USB Cufflinks – Paduak.
  8. Typography from Jordan Metcalf.
  9. Starters guide to iOS design.
  10. Create a hand-drawn pricing table in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  11. Logos: 22 inspirational mouse logos, 30 education logo design for inspiration, 30 creatively designed typographic logos.
  12. Interview with Designer: Dann Petty.
  13. 24 most interesting websites of non-profit organizations.
  14. Design a modern pricing table in Photoshop.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Photoshop in Web Design: 5 Plugins to make your workday more pleasant + Subtle Patterns Photoshop plugin.
  2. PSD templates: Free iPhone mockup PSD, Freebie PSD UI templates for video & audio players, 15 Free “Upload Files” UI PSD templates, 12 new and free commercial use fonts (May,2013)30 attractive search box PSD designs for free download.
  3. Textures: Abstract backgrounds, 15 Grunge textures pack.
  4. Fonts: Free fonts for creative designers from Aleo to Ponsi Rounded Slab, 12 new and free commercial use fonts from Idealist Sans to Montez, 27 fresh free fonts from Graham Hand to Free Polaris for your projects, 10 super useful free icon font sets.
  5. Vector: Free vector infographic elements.
  6. Icons: 30 sets of awesome free icons.
  7. Photoshop brushes: Free technical PS brushes, 20 sets of free high resolution sunburst brushes for Photoshop.


  1. Online file conversion for Google Drive.
  2. Webscape: the application that offers free guitar lessons.
  3. Unitools — a suite of tools for working with Unicode in the browser.
  4. GDrives — get your free short URL for Google Drive web hosting without registration!
  5. The CodePen intro cartoon.


  1. Hot trends of Google Instant Search.
  2. A game to demonstrate smooth animation on the web.


  1. Shadow DOM.
  2. Responsive email design.
  3. Linked_Lists — the most popular links posted by developers to Stack Overflow.
  4. Google I/O reports records.
  5. Paul Irish: Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013.
  6. Google I/O 2013 - Mobile HTML: the future of your sites (video).
  7. How to build an Instagram-like photo sharing app with HTML5.
  8. Natural language form with custom input elements.
  9. Git - the simple guide.
  10. Firefox developer tool features for Firefox 23.
  11. Emmet for Dreamweaver.
  12. Firefox OS Boilerplate app.
  13. Web components: A tectonic shift for web development - Google I/O 2013, + Google's Polymer and the future of web UI frameworks, as Google believes web components are the future Of web development.
  14. Create a video player with custom elements.
  15. Introducing the new Intel HTML5 development environment.
  16. Chrome packaged apps guide Google I/O 2013.
  17. Stunning mobile visualization with CSS filters from Alex Danilo, Alexis Deveria - Google I/O 2013 (video).
  18. Product grid layout.
  19. Google cuts network usage by terabytes by switching to WebP.
  20. Network congestion and web browsing.
  21. Capturing camera/picture data without PhoneGap.
  22. Adobe Edge Reflow.
  23. Prepros — an application that makes web design and development workflow simpler than ever.


  1. Logic in Media queries.
  2. Replace the image in an with CSS.
  3. Designing CSS layouts with Flexbox is as easy as pie.
  4. Examples of pseudo-elements animations and transitions.
  5. Tools for formatting, organizing and tidying CSS Code.
  6. label.css — a small plugin to add description to the block.
  7. LESS tips and tricks.
  8. 50 useful CSS snippets every designer should have.


  1. Native equivalents of jQuery functions.
  2. Write an app in AngularJS.
  3. mmenu — a jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for you mobile website.
  4. skel.js — a lightweight frontend framework for building responsive sites and apps.
  5. jQuery DOM performance.
  6. A few javascript performance tips.
  7. The design of code: organizing JavaScript.
  8. Coquette — a micro framework for JavaScript games.
  9. Developing for touch presentation by Peter-Paul Koch.
  10. Deep dive into Require.js.
  11. JSON editor online.
  12. puid — generate an unique ID depending on time, machine and process for use in a distributed environment.
  13. Minimalect — minimal select replacement for jQuery.
  14. JavaScript regular expression enlightenment.
  15. Multiple Select — a jQuery plugin to select multiple elements with checkboxes.

Fun & Entertainment:

    1. What the new Google Maps means for you.
    2. Google suggests think about the death.
    3. Top 5 designers in the world.
    4. 18-year-old's breakthrough invention can recharge phones in seconds.
    5. The man who 'nearly broke the internet'.
    6. Five technology trends that make running a data centre harder.
    7. Rooted Google Glass can run Ubuntu + video.
    8. Grumpy cat wins "Meme of the year".
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