IT Digest: Instagram Videos, Internet Piracy, New Devices from Samsung and Much More!

June 21, 2013

What is the freshest news from the world of informational technologies? Find out in our weekly digest from 21st of June.


Top Seven News:

Yandex browser for Android and iPad

This week Yandex launched a mobile version of Yandex browser with built-in search engine for iPad and Android-based smartphones + another review. Note that Yandex on iOS 7 devices to be available for users since autumn. In addition, Yandex becomes Safari search option in Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Google News

This week Google introduced the release of web-browser Chrome 28 characterized by the increased minimum requirements for the Linux-based system. In addition, a secret laboratory Google X announced the Project Loon to cover the whole world with low-cost Internet. Google admits that their puzzles are rather useless for interviews and adds ‘Carousel' of search results for nearby places of interests.

Instagram Videos

Get ready for the influx of short videos on the internet. Vine and Coub were not enough for you? Then meet the new craft from Facebook: 15-seconds video clips and 13 special filters in Instagram.

New Devices from Samsung

The Korean flagship has just unveiled innovative devices - tablets, laptops, a camera. More details on ATIV Q transformer.

Chrome Devtools

Almost every web developer is using Chrome Devtools, which are quite powerful. However, not everyone is truly familiar with its real capabilities. Tips and Tricks section on will help to fill in these gaps. Moreover, pay your attention to devtools-snippets - a collection of snippets for developers' tools.

internet piracy
Internet Piracy

The subject of Internet piracy has become quite relevant recently. The author of this post states that Internet piracy could be fought with legalized ransomware. Moreover, according to Spanish Law, internet piracy is the same as torture. And finally, White House issues New Plan to curb Internet Piracy.

The author of the post tells readers in details about the outstanding service called Pocket, known as the Read It Later before. During several years, the firm remains to be a successful independent company, despite the difficulties, powerful competitors and attractive offers from the main players in the web market.


  1. Skype unveiled full video-messaging service that is now free to all users — the company officials announced on Monday that their innovative video-messaging service which allows users to send videos 3 minutes length or less to their Skype contacts, is finally free to all users. First appeared in a limited version in February the feature offered Skype non-premium subscribers just 20 video messages for free and unlimited video messaging for Skype Premium clients. Starting from 17 June anyone can send unlimited number of free video messages to their Skype contacts + How to use Skype Video Messaging video.
  2. Microsoft officially released Office Mobile for iOS — on 17 June Microsoft released its Office app for iOS. Thus, iPhone and iPad users have an ability to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs whenever they need. Being optimized for iPhone, the application allows users to access Office docs stored on their SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint accounts. Although Mobile Office is currently available for the U.S. market Microsoft promises to expand its areas in the nearest future.
  3. Google adds ‘carousel' of search results for nearby places of interests — on Tuesday Google officially launched a new feature for local search results on called the “Knowledge Graph Carousel.” The main goal of the carousel is to replace the A-G vertical pinned display embedded in the organic search results. At the moment the display is US only and appears just for a limited set of business types, including restaurants, hotels and categories within the entertainment arena.
  4. Instagram is to get video capabilities soon — according to TechCrunch sources Facebook plans to unveil an updated version of Instagram with a special feature to take and share short videos on 20 June. It is rumored that the updated Instagram will take on Twitter's short-video service called Vine. Any other details of the upcoming deal are not clear yet.
  5. Updates and redesign on Github — the popular collaborative coding hub for developers unveiled redesigned user profile pages, Retina-friendly avatars, icons which replace text in order to get thumbnail views of repositories and much more with the intent of putting more emphasis on content, speed and interactivity. The innovative redesign is promised to be optimized for how users scan and read code with GitHub on a daily basis. Thus, the final goal of upadates is certainly to make the code more accessible for the users.
  6. Samsung unveils new tablets, Galaxy camera and much more — on Thursday at Premiere 2013 event held in London Samsung introduced a variety of innovative products, including a new camera Galaxy NX and a set of Ativ tablets, laptops and all-in-one devices based on Windows 8 and Android + a few more details on Windows 8-powered Ativ line.
  7. Facebook offers 15-second video on Instagram with new filters and special effects — on Thursday Instagram unveiled new updates to its own iOS and Android application equipped it with an additional video capture button. From now on the great community of Instagram fans has an ability to capture up to 15-seconds videos and handle them with color grading filters if necessary. According to Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom the 15-seconds limit is chosen as the right balance between not too short and not too long duration in order to have no problems when uploading the files.
  8. Google admits that their puzzles are rather useless for interviews — Google was well-known for interviewing job applicants with brain-busting tasks and puzzles for quite a long period of time. But the situation is currently changing. According to Laszlo Bock, Google's SVP of people operations they found out that any kind of brainteasers is nothing more than a waste of time. Now Google is more focused on "behavioral interviews," which are less about the interviewer than the applicant as such interviews provide Google with more info how this or that job candidate is able to deal with situations in the real world when necessary.
  9. Microsoft and Nokia were close to a deal, but failed — according to Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop the recent information that Microsoft was going to purchase the smartphone division of Nokia was nothing but rumors. At the same time the Wall Street Journal states that both companies were in advanced discussions about Microsoft purchase of the Finnish phone maker, but finally the agreement failed to come true.
  10. Xbox One does not require a permanent Internet connection — one of the main issues concerning Xbox One was its necessity to have a stable Internet connection. However, Microsoft officials confirmed recently that there is no mandatory requirement to be connected when playing a single-player game. On other hand when you are playing multiplayer you will need to connect and it's obviously clear why. Any other requirements to log on just do not exist.


    1. Google finishes to define its VP9 video codec and adds it to Chromium — in May Google announced its intentions to finish defining its VP9 video codec on June 17, and to start using the next-generation compression technology in Chrome and on YouTube as VP9 is 50 percent more efficient than H.264. So the latest Chromium build already contains the free video compression standard that is enabled by default.
    2. Web-browser Chrome 28 is introduced by Google — on Monday web-browser Chrome 28 with the main changes in minimum requirements for the Linux-based system is released by Google. The browser is developed on the code base open source project Chromium and characterized by using the logos of Google, built-in Flash and PDF, the presence of notification in case of failure, the system automatically updates and transmission when searching for RLZ-parameters.
    3. How to Optimize an Internet Browser — the author of the post provides users with a few main steps on optimization of web browser as it is the main tool to surf the net for any case. Keep in mind that various add-ons and 3rd party apps that are not currently in use slow down the loading speed of the necessary webpage significantly. Just follow this set of simple instructions and your browser will increase its speed and load websites, videos and audio files quickly and without any errors.
    4. This browser will make you crazy — what would happen if not only you, but the dozens of other people from around the globe have an access to the browser? We assure you, such browser exists. For what? Certainly, for the sake of art. It was developed by Swedish artist Jonas Lund, and it is called We See You In every direction browser. The concept is simple: a lot of different people obtain control over the browser, and then the madness starts.
  1. Browser Busy Indicators — the author of the post made a research on the perception of the website speed describing browser busy indicators that give the user clues that the page is still loading.
  2. Adblock Plus finally comes to Internet Explorer — the well-known ad-blocking browser add-on AdBlock Plus is now available on Internet Explorer 8.0 and above with a preview version published by the AdBlock team. At the moment the software is beta and has very few features with limited functionality with an only relevant role to remove ads in the net. Note that the add-on is disabled by default after installation, and as the Modern UI version of Internet Explorer 10 does not support add-ons, AdBlock Plus is available for the desktop version only.

Amazing Websites' Design:

  1. solomo — a web-site with entertaining scrolling effects.
  2. — a bright dynamic site from Czechs.
  3. — a one-page website with a focus on animation of individual objects.
  4. centuryofthechild — a powerful website that represents an interactive timeline.
  5. — a one-page full screen horizontal website.
  6. — a website of an art company with non-standard Asian approach.
  7. — minimalism in website design, plus full-screen navigation.
  8. — a creative website of Jens Lehmann.
  9. — a canvas for cool effect of guidance.
  10. — a website with non-standard geometry and parallax effects.
  11. — a creative website with a minimum of graphics.

Design It:

  1. Modern Web Design: Some of our favorites.
  2. This is Responsive — tips, resources and patterns for responsive web design.
  3. Adobe explores the future of responsive digital layout with National Geographic Content.
  4. Infographics and statistics in website design.
  5. A couple of best practices for tablet-friendly design.
  6. Create a Soil cake for Pie charts and Infographics.
  7. 10 Ways to Modify a Selection in Photoshop.
  8. 20 Best 3D Typography tutorials.
  9. What's wrong with the iOS 7 icons?
  10. MailChimp Redesign: an updated website design, redesign of MailChimp logo.
  11. SVG workflow for designers.
  12. How to keep up to date on UX design.
  13. Making sense of type classification.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. iOS 7 GUI psd.
  2. 50 free PSDs and actions for mockups.
  3. Free and useful icon sets psd for designers.
  4. Textures: 25 colorful Grunge textures, 25 free Grunge textures for designers.
  5. Free Graphics PSD for download.
  6. Vector: 40+ Vector ribbons (Ai, Eps), free vector books for designers.
  7. Icons: Flat icons Brownie theme, 13 free flat icon sets, UI icons - a premium collection of 704 icons.
  8. Fonts: Ontwerp free font, Engine font, Chomp! - a new fun and playful font, 25 free outline fonts for your graphic designs.


  1. — a free server for 35 minutes.
  2. onlinefontconverter — online fonts for web converting.
  3. Feedly launches new cloud backend & web interface.
  4. jsDelivr — a free super-fast CDN for developers and webmasters.
  5. Mobile Devices + Twitter Use.
  6. — a simple tool to help identify which media queries your device responds to.
  7. Disconnect — the best anti-tracking extension.


  1. Web Form in the form of a circle.
  2. The blurred image and the lens that show photos in sharpness.
  3. The concept of guidance.
  4. Interactive hair in canvas.
  5. Native to the WEB3D game engine.


  1. Qt 5.1 Release Candidate is available.
  2. Semantic HTML5 structure versus CSS layout needs.
  3. HTML5 Mobile Development.
  4. HTML 5 Notifications API.
  5. Ughck. Images.
  6. h5bp-codekit — front-end template w/Sass, Compass, H5BP, Modernizr, jQuery + more.
  7. Introducing PhpStorm video tutorials.
  8. Interview with David Walsh.
  9. New Open Graph tags for media publishers.
  10. Dynamic grid with transitions.
  11. Adapting to a Responsive Design (Case Study).
  12. Tips and Tricks for Chrome DevTools.
  13. A collection of helpful snippets to use within browser devtools.
  14. Mobile development tools for the working class.
  15. HTML5 features, responsive CSS modules and Sass.
  16. Controlling history: the HTML5 history API and ‘Selective' loading.
  17. Add Narration to your Slide Deck with HTML5 audio.
  18. DevTools port forwarding allows localhost URLs to work on mobile.
  19. — share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.
  20. Image masking with HTML5 canvas.
  21. Teach Yourself to Code — a step-by-step guide to learning Ruby on Rails.


  1. Awesome logos rendered with CSS.
  2. Caption hover effects.
  3. 12 fancy buttons.
  4. Buttons — a CSS library built with Sass & Compass.
  5. CSS Typography cheat sheet.


  1. A closer look at Generators without promises.
  2. Aristochart — a highly customizable and flexible line charting library for canvas.
  3. Flippant.js — a mini js+css library for flipping things over.
  4. Excolo Slider — a simple jQuery plugin, supporting responsive design and touch.
  5. skrollr — a stand-alone parallax scrolling library for mobile (Android + iOS) and desktop.
  6. phoria.js — a JavaScript library for simple 3D graphics on a canvas 2D renderer.
  7. Progression.js — a jQuery plugin that gives users real time hints & progress updates as they complete forms.
  8. jquery-reading-time — a simple plug-in that calculates the remaining reading time as you scroll down.
  9. JSbooks — the best free JavaScript resources.
  10. JSter — a catalog of 1177 JavaScript libraries and tools for web development.
  11. The future of JavaScript…Now!
  12. Microsoft delivers biggest update to date to TypeScript.
  13. MV* and local storage.
  14. Magnific Popup — a free responsive jQuery lightbox plugin that is focused on performance and providing best experience for user with any device.
  15. Mason.js — for creating a perfect grid with jQuery.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Balloon-powered internet for everyone from Google.
  2. How can any company ever trust Microsoft again?
  3. Megaupload user data in Europe is now irreversibly lost.
  4. Inside Pocket: how a startup beat its rivals to build the 'DVR for everything'.
  5. Real Google Interns: 'The Internship'.
  6. NFC stands for nobody cares and Apple gets that.
  7. Mass fight for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.
  8. JavaZone 2013: Javapocalypse.

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