New Operating Systems from Apple and Firefox, Future of HTML5, Amazon’s Tablets and More

July 30, 2012

What's new in the IT world? We gathered the most interesting, fresh and remarkable info in a weekly digest from July 30, 2012.


  1. New OS from Apple: Mountain Lion – Apple has fully launched its new OS. What are the pros and cons of Mountain Lion? Is it really able to become the best consumer operating system? The answers to these and many more questions you will find in this article.
  2. Third quarter results from Apple. According to the latest quarterly report from Apple, iPhone sales have decreased from 35.1 to 26 million of smartphones. Though, Apple was expecting to sale nearly 29 million of devices. Expectations for the new model of the smartphone may be the reason for such a decrease.
  3. Screenshots of Firefox OS have appeared on web.
  4. Future of HTML5: WHATWG vs W3C.For a long time HTML5 standard hasn't been in the main focus for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), so a huge part of work on this standard has been performed by WHATWG (The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). Recently, Ian Hickson from the WHATWG said that the situation had been changed and right now the W3C is planning to take more ownership of the prospective standard.
  5. Adobe, Google and Microsoft will provide financing of the W3C work on the HTML5.W3C announced an agreement with Adobe, Google and Microsoft. These companies will act as sponsors for hiring an additional staff for working groups involved in the preparation of HTML5 specifications and related data specifications.
  6. Amazon is planning to release four tablets and smartphone till the end of the year. Recently, it was announced that Amazon worked on five or six tablets of various sizes, one of which has a 10-inch screen. However, it is not specified yet, when to expect the launch of these devices.
  7. New web apps from Microsoft Office are available for testing. Microsoft has made new pre-released versions of Office Web Apps on SkyDrive and Office 365 Preview, which are available for testing. Web applications allow users to create, view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote directly in a browser.
  8. The release of WP8 will be postponed. While the community looks forward to the introduction of the first smartphone on Windows Phone 8, a team of developers from Microsoft, according to the latest information, has faced some difficulties in the development of mobile operating systems. The corporation found many errors in the earlier version of WP8.
  9. Adobe has released PhoneGap 2.0, framework for developing platform-independent mobile applications. Adobe announced the release of an open framework PhoneGap 2.0, which allows you to create universal mobile applications running on different mobile platforms. PhoneGap code is licensed under Apache.
  10. The versions of Firefox OS mobile platform for testing on standard PC are ready. The Mozilla project's developers have reported the start of creating daily versions of an experimental mobile platform Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko) that has been designed to be tested on average desktop systems.
  11. Twitter and NBC will describe the events of the Olympic Games together. Twitter and NBC started cooperation for the time of the Summer Olympic Games. The microblogging service will open a special page devoted to the events of the competitions.
  12. Google is focused on Olympic Games Latest photos and hottest news are available on the Google page devoted to the Olympic Games.


  1. Introduction of Aurora 16: unprefixed CSS features. The upcoming version of Firefox 16 will include some features thatprobably make you want to celebrate! Find out more in the article.
  2. Firefox changed its HTTPS User Interface. Firefox changed the padlock icon into the previous one and removed the blue glow. So, right now Firefox is closer with the other major browsers. Is this change for the better or not? You can find out in the following article.
  3. Start of Firefox 15 beta testing and Aurora 16. Firefox 15 started beta testing. This means that the basic functionality is already finished and right now the main focus will be on the identification of errors and quality control. At the same time, the formation of Aurora 16 is at the final stage.
  4. How to reduce memory? Firefox 15 knows! The mechanism of cleaning the memory has been improved in Firefox 15. In addition, the problem with memory leaks was finally solved.
  5. Crash it! 6 codes to break IE6. Do you hate IE6 and have suffered from it for a long time? Take revenge! 6 examples of codes that will make it crash.
  6. IE10 in Windows Phone 8. Screenshots of the WP8 detailed features.

Amazing Websites Design:

  1. – horizontal web site with a lot of graphics and parallaxes.
  2. – vertical web site with parallaxes and interesting effects.
  3. – uncommon approach to site's navigation.
  4. – web site, which won a few CSS awards.
  5. – unbelievable promo–site full of interesting ideas and effects.
  6. – interesting slider on the home page
  7. – just a cool site with stylish design and remarkable slider.
  8. – web site advertising London. A lot of circles and pop ups are used in its design.
  9. – trendy music scroll-site with parallaxes, sound and nonstandard twists.

Design It:

  1. 40 examples and lessons on parallax scrolling.
  2. 24 famous fonts.
  3. Compilation of the coolest iOs icons.
  4. Interactive infographics dedicated to the adaptive design.
  5. Dotted lines – one of the current trends in web design.
  6. Learn how to draw a golden goblet in the vector!
  7. The history of Olympics' logo from 1924 to 2016.
  8. Lessons demonstrating how to draw logos.
  9. If you don't know how to draw the authorization form this time, look at the works from participants of dribble network.
  10. Script fonts – vivid examples of implementation and dozens of the most popular free fonts.
  11. Examples of hand-drawn elements in web design.
  12. 40 lessons on creating the spray effect in Photoshop.

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. A bit more than a dozen of fresh fonts – from Uralita to Dominik.
  2. A few paper textures in brown shades.
  3. 35 fresh vector backgrounds.
  4. A dozen of vector badges in one eps file is offered for a tweet.
  5. 20 fonts – from Aero Matics up to Yorkville.
  6. 10 pretty good fresh fonts from Nexa to Signika and always unique (generated) Balls Family "bubble" font.
  7. PSD business cards templates.


  1. – find out what font is used
  2. – Twitter trends in the interactive world map
  3. The best resources for working with fonts in web design and development
  4. Online generator of CSS3 switches.
  5. 147 web-colors and their names.
  6. Collection of subtle patterns.
  7. Getting pure HTML from the Word content.
  8. Snippets for WP-developers.


  1. Google Search Volume by Language.
  2. Interesting animation in canvas.
  3. 3D models collection, which you can look through in modern browsers without any additional plugins.
  4. An example of WebGL 3D animation with popular characters.
  5. Drummer's red button (JS + mp3/ogg).


  1. How to use web developer tools in Firefox.  A quick guide through the most widely used developer tools.
  2. New version of Firebug. On July 13, simultaneously with the release of Firefox new version, the release of Firebug 1.10 (the most advanced and famous frontend debugger) was announced.
  3. Techniques and tips on Android design. If you are interested in facilitation of designing for Android, you should look through this article.
  4. How to work with scalable vector graphics. Helpful discussion on how to start your work with HTML5-SVG.
  5. Font Library Comparison.  What is better Google Web Font or Font Squirrel? You will find the answers in this article.
  6. How to solve the problem with cross-domain loading of fonts in Firefox? The real story of finding the solution for fonts issues in Firefox.
  7. What's the difference between adaptive and responsive web design? The community of web designers and developers debate about the differences between these two approaches in web design. Some of them believe that these two concepts are synonymous, and the others claim that these are completely different concepts. Read the article and formulate your own opinion.
  8. 3D Flipping Circle with CSS3 & jQuery.
  9. What is .htaccess? Useful information on what you can do with the help of .htaccess file.
  10. Color picker to determine the color in HTML5. How to make a simple and useful tool for color picking in HTML5? Find out here.
  11. New article about introduction to Web Audio API.
  12. Folders' drag and drop support will be added to Chrome 21! Previously, only the ability to drag individual files has been implemented.


  1. Everything about past, present and future of CSS. Eric Meyer, well-known CSS professional and co-founder of An Event Apart, shares his thoughts about Cascading Style Sheets.
  2. Should we omit standard properties for some of the CSS features? There are a number of CSS-properties that require omitting of the standard properties after the vendor prefixes.
  3. CSS Object Model. Glen Adams, the special co-editor, explains the main features and tips of CSS Object Model.
  4. Important update of syntax-prefix-free by Lea Verou. Incredibly useful and elegant update of -prefix-free.
  5. Advanced technology for creation of custom design for quotation marks in quotes. Creation of modern interesting styles for quotation marks using different approaches and techniques.
  6. Keywords in linear gradients. The implementation of linear gradients in CSS can lead to a variety of results. Eric Meyer explains what you can expect while working with linear gradients keywords.


  1. jQuery CoreUISelect – plugin for styling of Select. The challenge was to make the plugin for styling of Selecta, which reproduces the maximum of standard plugin behavior.
  2. iosSlider – Touch Enabled jQuery Horizontal Slider Plugin.
  3. New slider on jQuery – iView Slider.
  4. List of languages that compile to JS.
  5. Do you know a query language for JavaScript objects?
  6. Have a need to create a real-time presentation? There is jQuery Mobile framework for this – taciónJS.
  7. Holder.js – a placeholder image generator with predefined parameters.
  8. sketch.js – a quick start in creating experiments with Canvas / WebGL.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. Top 20 Googlers – where are they now? Are you interested in life of the Google founders? Find out where are they now and what do they do.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg patented his very first invention after 6 years of waiting. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed his status of an inventor – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has approved its application for registration of a technology called «Dynamically Generating a Privacy Summary».
  3. The future of cloud computing: 9 trends for 2012. At the moment, cloud computing seems ambiguous: it brings us comfort, but also makes some risk. In this article, you will find the investigation's results of 39 companies, one way or another connected to the cloud technology.
  4. Exquisite Forest. Another collaborative project from Google that offers trees of scripting animations. The service is made with the active use of SVG.
  5. Open web device project. Open web device project and a dedicated blog hackingfirefoxos – Hacks around Firefox OS as a part of Firefox OS (Boot 2 Gecko) development.
  6. Microsoft explained the hardware acceleration in Windows 8. Microsoft Corporation introduced all the improvements, which have been made in Windows 8 hardware speed.
  7. IKEA catalog with augmented reality. IKEA started using modern technology to promote their products. There will be a smart phone icon on the catalog, which means that augmented reality is available.
  8. The founder of Megaupload sang a song to Obama. The founder of file-sharing service Megaupload Kim Dotcom posted a music video to appeal to U.S. President Barack Obama. The clip appeared on Kim's site.
  9. Gabe Newell is going to support Linux, because Windows 8 – is a "disaster". Co-founder and CEO of Valve, who has worked 13 years at Microsoft – Gabe Newell called Windows 8 a "disaster for the whole PC world». Why he thinks so? Find out in the following article.

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