Microsoft Is Moving to Web and Refuses from Metro Word, Apple Turns off Google, New Release of jQuery 1.8

August 10, 2012

Are you starving for some fresh information in IT world? It is ready for you! Here is a weekly digest of the hottest news for web designers and developers from August the 10th 2012.


  1. Apple Turns off Google. This competition becomes more and more serious; the next step in this unofficial war was made by Apple. The company decided to decline the implementation of YouTube app and Google search into iOS 6.
  2. Google Added Several Improvements to its Search Service. Google search service is continuously getting smarter. Latest improvements to the perfect “artificial mind” are described in the following article.
  3. Microsoft Refused to Use Word Metro. Windows 8 interface will be referred to as «Windows 8 — style UI». Microsoft's executives have already expelled an official message to its Legal and Corporate Affairs department. They banned the use of the word Metro that refers to Windows interface 8.
  4. Microsoft Wants to Come up with the Better Standard then WebRTC. Microsoft intends to initiate changes in Web standards that will allow communicating within the browser in a real time without a need for additional plug-ins.
  5. Microsoft Launched its Office Store. Almost any modern platform has its own mobile application store, a lot of desktop platforms also opened application stores, but Microsoft had gone a step further and opened the app store for its office program — Office Store.
  6. Android Is a Leader in Smartphone's Market. According to the latest results, Android took 68% of the tablets market. But smartphones from Apple do not have that many impressive results.
  7. Pinterest Opened Registration for Everybody. Rapidly growing social service for work with images — Pinterest announced an open registration. Previously, you could register only with invitation. What has been changed? Find in the article!
  8. Amazon Launched its own Game and Game Studio. Amazon decided to expand their business and moved to a new market of the casual games for social networks. Moreover, they started with launching their own game studio called Amazon Game Studios.
  9. Lea Verou Is Joining W3Cteam. Lea Verou is becoming a part of W3C web developer relations and web education efforts.


  1. New Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome 22. In Chrome 22 (stable version has not yet been released) the ability to assign any combination of keys on installed extensions was added.
  2. New Part in the War of Browsers. Meantime, when you install Adobe Flash, you automatically download and set up Google Chrome. What do you think about it? Share your opinion with the community.
  3. Windows vs. Ubuntu (Linux): Web Browsers. A performance's comparison for Windows and Ubuntu.
  4. Google Chrome 21 Release. A web-browser, Chrome 21 is available for the next platforms: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The browser is built on the code base of an open source project Chromium and differs with the use of Google logos, built-in support of Flash and PDF, the presence of a system to send notifications in case of failure, etc.
  5. ArsTechnika's latest statistics: Firefox Continues to Gain as Internet Explorer, Chrome slide.

Amazing Website's Design:

  1. — a website with outstanding geometry and functionality.
  2. — an interesting implementation of dropdown menu.
  3. — a website with parallax-effects and funny graphics.
  4. — a vertical site with thematic design.
  5. — a one-page shaver advertising site, with non-intrusive design and animated canvas geometric background in html5.
  6. — a cinema site dedicated to ParaNorman 3D cartoon, with a variety of both horizontal and vertical parallax effects.
  7. — a simple and original approach to scroll the collections of clothes.
  8. — a site with non-standard geometry.

Design It:

  1. The Metro Style Design Guide.
  2. Super Heroes Alphabet from Helvetica.
  3. Source Sans Pro: First Family of Free Fonts from Adobe.
  4. Today's Revolution in Design from Microsoft!
  5. Psychology in Logo's Creation.
  6. How Would You Do Wikipedia Redesign if You Had a Chance?

A Bunch of Design Freebies:

  1. Stones Structures.
  2. 12 Free and Fresh UI PSDs, Including Admin Panel, UI Kit and Design of the Player.
  3. UI Components from the Radial Menu and Preloaders to Switchers,
    Widgets, and a Magnifying Glass.
  4. A Nice Discreet «SOFT UI KIT» in Light Colors.
  5. Retro or Vintage Badges in Vector.
  6. 30 Packages of Icons from the Dribble Network (the authors ask sometimes to link back).
  7. The Package of Icons with PSD and a Request to Link Back.
  8. Chris Spooner Suggests the Best Free Hand-writing Fonts.


  1. — convenient collection of minimalist special characters.
  2. 20 Tools for Infographic's Creating.


  1. Visualization of the World's Weapons Supply with the Help of WebGL.
  2. Interesting Experiments on Images with WebGL.
  3. Real-time Ascii Art Conversion of Google Street View Panorama's Done in WebGL.
  4. Animated Preloader.


  1. HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners. A course of videos on the important facts about HTML5, CSS3 and web pages concepts in general.
  2. 10 Conference Videos for Front-End Developers. The most interesting talks from the professionals of IT. Click and enjoy.
  3. Creating CSS Animated Sprite in Photoshop. An interesting way to make animation without animating anything.
  4. Create Animated Scrolling Presentation Decks Using scrolldeck.js.
  5. Multimedia Troubleshooting. The list of frequently asked questions and solutions of the most common problems in HTML5.
  6. The list of Resources and Tools to Work with LESS. Some handy tips on increasing efficiency and productivity during your work with LESS syntax.
  7. A Small FAQ for Input [type = date] in Google Chrome. Most frequently asked questions with smart and laconic answers.
  8. Menu Concept from Hakim.
  9. Crossbrowser Audio Solution featuring HTML5.
  10. New Attribute in HTML5. A new attribute — translate was added recently in HTML5. The question "to translate or not to translate," is of a pretty big interest of the text creators, localizers and all those working with the language technology.
  11. Responsive Email Design. Tips on the right design of emails.
  12. Something New in PhpStorm & WebStorm 5.0 EAP: — Google Closure Compiler JSDoc annotations, and Tips on jQuery Development.
  13. Compass + Slicy Will Create the Sprite You Want and Write CSS for You. Find out how to make spiriting absolutely blissful.
  14. CSScomb for Different IDE.
  15. «Remote debugging» Presentation from Ryan Seddon (CSS ninja).
  16. Updated Mozilla Developer Network Portal. A new page for Mozilla developers' community.
  17. Next Part of Introduction to the Principles of WebGL. A great review of the WebGL. Everything you may need during your work.


  1. Magazine Layout for the Web with the Help of CSS Regions and Exclusions. Detailed instructions with examples for creating magazine-like layout.
  2. Circle Hover Effects — Pretty Hover Effects on Circles with CSS Transitions.
  3. Introducing CSS blending. What is blending? Where you can implement it? Is it really that complicated? Find out in the following article.
  4. Making Links in GitHub Style. Quick tips on creating GitHub links within CSS.
  5. @ supports for the First Time in Firefox 17.
  6. CSS Pie Timer. Smart explanation on how to create CSS timer that looks as a pie.
  7. Convenient Online Service for Introducing CSS-selectors.
  8. Transparent Background Images. Interesting approach with implementation of pseudo-element.
  9. Disable Text Highlighting With CSS.
  10. CSS 4 pseudo-elements from Adobe.
  11. An Explanation of CSS 3D perspectives. Demonstrative examples to explain the sense and principles on how does CSS 3D perspectives work.


  1. jQuery 1.8 Is Released. From now on you can download and use the latest version of jQuery!
  2. JustGage — js Plugin, Written on Raphaël, for Creating Animated Gauges. Find out what you can do with the help of this amazing plugin.
  3. Adaptor — Is a Content Slider from jQuery with Nice Effects.
  4. evoslider - another new content slider with jQuery.
  5. jQuery Plugin for Creating Tables in the Excel-style. Handpicked and introduced jQuery Microsoft Excel Type plugins.
  6. JavaScript Code Debugging for Beginners. Debugging techniques that allow you to understand better the performance of JavaScript.
  7. Introduction to Unit Testing of JavaScript Code. Interesting tips on creating tests for JavaScript code.

Fun & Entertainment:

  1. 8 of the Most Horrible Websites of All Times. List of the funny sites with extremely poor performance and design.
  2. Nowadays of the First Webpage in the World. Do you want to see the first webpage? Follow the link in the article.
  3. Nano-SIM: Coming Soon. The future of sim-cards is in minimizations. How far it will go?
  4. Have you ever been to Mars? Nice panorama-trip for you – follow the link.
  5. Where has your name come from? Interesting compilation of famous companies names origin.
  6. A quick look at the programming languages' evolution. Have a look at amazing infographics.
  7. Faces you have to know. 25 Front End and JS Developers You Must Follow on Twitter.
  8. Statistics from Five Continents with the "Revival" of Olympic Rings Logo.
  9. Overview of e-mail Service: Hotmail in the style of Metro, and now in the style of Windows 8.
  10. TshirtOS. For everybody who is in love with the latest technologies.
  11. Curiosity Mars Rover Is Five Times Slower than the CPU iPhone 4S.

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