Seminar on SEO from Promodo

  • February 3, 2011

Zfort Group tries to be friendly in everything, so we create only SEO-friendly web sites.

Search engine optimization is a huge branch of web development, with its subtleties and some secrets.

Therefore, we gladly accepted the offer from Promodo to participate in the program of seminars for IT-companies.

Seminar on SEO from Promodo (2011)

The purpose of these seminars is to tell to programmers, html-coders, project managers and to every interested party about the latest trends in SEO.

Description of the program and a list of topics can be viewed at

The seminar lasted for two days. There were a lot of participants so we gathered in the largest room of our office – the dining room.

On the first day Roman Vilyavin, Deputy Director of Promodo, was making a report. He told about the general aspects of search engine optimization, the principles of search engines, tips on content, etc.

On the second day Roman Dobronovsky, Promodo's Head of web sites promotion in the western segment, was making his report. Technical details of the optimization were of particular interest for developers and html-coders.

There were a lot of questions from our employees, so each Roman was answering them for about an hour.

After the seminar, the speakers were presented with souvenirs from Zfort Group.

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