PHP DIGEST #6: NEWS & TOOLS (September 10 - September 24, 2017)

October 5, 2017

The recent digest includes several long-awaited announcements and releases, as well as many useful learning materials on Symfony, Zend, Laravel, CMS, and Async PHP. A selection of PHP chats in Slack and Telegram will be a good bonus for those who read to the end:) Enjoy!



News & Releases

  • The Future of HHVM — Not so long ago, many companies refused to support HHVM. The HVVM team has announced that they do not plan to fully support PHP 7 in the long term. Instead, the Facebook guys will focus on Hack. Nevertheless, it is planned to fix some compatibility problems with popular tools like Composer and PHPUnit in the near future.
  • PHP 7.2.0 RC 2 — The second Release Candidate was delivered on time. The next release is expected on September 28. You can read about the branch changes here. Test using the prepared Docker image.
  • Sylius v1.0.0 — Release of the popular e-Commerce platform based on Symfony.




PHP Internals

  • [RFC] RFC Workflow & Voting — It is proposed to regulate the RFC process, especially to raise the threshold for accepting changes to ⅔ when voting. Criteria are also indicated for those who can vote.
  • [RFC] Class Friendship — The second attempt to realize the concept of friendly classes. A friendly class has access to the private and protected class fields, in which it is declared as friendly.
  • [RFC] Fiber — An interesting addition to the PHP generators, which would simplify the asynchronous code.
  • Pre-draft PipeOp v2 — A draft proposal for pipe operator was discussed in Internals. The original proposal was criticized because of the use of the $$ placeholder, and now a simpler version is offered:

$x = "hello"
|> 'strtoupper'
|> function($x) { return $x . " world"; };
// $x === "HELLO world"







Learning Materials




Async PHP





  1. [S] Larachat
  2. [S] Zend Framework
  3. [S] Yii
  4. [S]
  5. [S]
  6. [S] Drupal
  7. [S] WordPress
  8. [T] FED & PHP digests


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