Facebook Designs Own Smartphone, Apple Is the Most Expensive Brand

June 1, 2012

A weekly digest of articles, news and other interesting materials for web developers and designers from 06/01/2012.

In the current issue: Facebook returns to the development of own smartphone, first screenshots of cartographic service from Apple, and much more.


Facebook tries again to design its own smartphone – Facebook plans to release its own smartphone by next year. This will be the third try of Facebook to build this kind of hardware.

Apple is recognized as the world's most expensive brand – the annual research conducted by Millward Brown recognized Apple as the world's most expensive brand thanks to their experience, quality of products and exceptional service.

After rumors that Facebook wants to buy Opera shares of Opera settled at 26% higher.

Facebook shares continue to slide down. Now it's $29 per share. Investors are nervous about the company's business prospects.

The latest Internet Explorer 10 supports Adobe Flash – the latest version of Internet Explorer is now available as a part of the preview of Windows 8 Release. The company has changed its mind about Flash and included the support of this technology into IE 10.

Facebook tests new Timeline interface – a few reports suggest that Facebook tests updated Timeline interface that is promised to be more lightweight and intuitive.

Facebook rumored to acquire face-recognition service face.com – Tech news blog Newsgeek reports that the deal size could be between $80 and $100 million.

Windows 8 boots too fast – the new version of Windows OS is so fast, Microsoft claims, that users will likely not have time to trigger the boot menu before the PC boots.

Apple's new Maps application was seen in a few screenshots


Application for 3D interface in Safari patent from Apple – Apple plans to integrate 3D interface into Safari browser.

Websites with Interesting Design and Functionality:

http://thedeepestsite.com/ – Borjomi presents the deepest website in the world.

http://www.theamazingspidermangame.com/#!/home – feel yourself a Spiderman at this website.

http://www.k2.pl/#!/en/main/ – a fullscreen website with non-standard navigation.

http://www.julienrenvoye.com/ – a website with gradual preload of content and pages and non-standard navigation.

http://www.kashoo.co.uk/ – a standard one-page website with non-standard navigation.

http://www.poncho8.com/#Home – find your path at this website with a huge canvas-container.

http://www.urbangap.com/urban12/gennaio – a website for those who missed the Space Invaders.

http://hmrservis.cz/ – absolutely non-standard website.

http://www.evoenergy.co.uk/uk-energy-guide/ – website-infographic with dynamic objects.

Hand-drawn websites

http://www.360langstrasse.sf.tv/page/ – website that helps find oneself directly at a street of a city and visit nearby places.


By means of FF Chartwell from Travis Kochel it's possible to create nice charts.

The History Of Usability: from simplicity to complexity or how everything began.

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30 artworks created using Microsoft Excel

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A collection of design freebies:

Web design company PSD+XHTML template

Detailed web layout PSD templates

PSD of photorealistic wallpapers with sizes 5333 x 3000 pixels

A huge collection of 4250 textures

Football social icon set

A collection of modern fonts – from Bedizen to Caviar Dreams.

High-Quality & Free Fonts

30 Free Business Card Templates to Download

40 Amazing and Free Texture Sets


Mothereffinganimatedgif – generator of animated gif-files

c2c.briangonzalez.org – comass-code to standard css generator

8 online tools to test speed of a website

http://infogr.am/ – a tool to simplify infographics creation


Tips and tricks for Retina images in responsive web design

The real conflict behind and @srcset

Responsive Web Design Elements Tools

11 Websites for Code Snippets

Clipping JPEG Images Into Non-Rectangular Polygons Using polyClip.js


The CSS Clip Property

Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3

The CSS3 Flex Box Specification

Favicons Next To External Links

CSS Compositing


Superscrollorama – new version of the famous plugin for creation of different effects that are somehow connected with scrolling of a page.

jQuery Image Slider plugin

Responsive Tables – a useful plugin in the cases when tables are subjects to responsive design.

Chronoline.js – creation of horizontal timescale with chronologic display of events.

CoverScroll – a CSS3 variant of the Apple's CoverFlow design pattern.


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