FRONT-END WEEKLY DIGEST ( September 25 — October 1, 2017)

October 3, 2017

The current issue includes fundamentals of responsive images,  new eBook on image best practices by Addy Osmani, 8 performance hacks for JavaScript, React 16 Error Boundaries, iOS 11 Safari feature flags, and more. Enjoy and don't forget to share the digest with your colleagues and friends!



Web Development

• The Web is my API
• Fundamentals of Responsive Images
• Front-end Job Interview Questions
• Progressive Web Apps? No, we are building Alien Web Apps





• 5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started
• Introduction to CSS Grid Layout
• Implementing A Pure CSS Collapsible
• CSS Grid Gotchas And Stumbling Blocks
• 5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started






• ES6 for beginners
• A Brief History of Modularity
• Web Truths: JavaScript can't be trusted
• 8 Performance Hacks for JavaScript
• Learn JavaScript Promises by Building a Promise from Scratch





• Start Your Engines – Firefox Quantum Lands in Beta, Developer Edition
• Developer Edition Devtools Update: Now with Photon UI
• Screenshots, Send Tabs and more! Today's faster Firefox provides upgraded features for all users
• Watch every video in VR with the Opera Developer 49 
• Convert measurements, currencies and time zones in Opera 48 
• Firefox 56 for developers
• iOS 11 Safari Feature Flags


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