FRONT-END WEEKLY DIGEST ( November 13 — November 19, 2017)

November 21, 2017

How to optimize the critical rendering path in WordPress? Why do you need to prioritize PageSpeed in discussions with clients? How to use CSS gradients on the web? How to use SVG as a placeholder? Find the answers to these questions in our latest digest.



Web development

• W3C Strategic Highlights November 2017
• First look at Polymer 3.0
• WebAssembly support now shipping in all major browsers
• How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
• The Ultimate Guide to Bulletproof Buttons in Email Design
• Optical Effects in User Interfaces (for True Nerds)




• Declining Complexity in CSS
• After many years of inactivity, I've updated my CSS Module Timelines: 
• How to Use CSS Gradients on the Web
• CSS Environment variables; how to deal with the software bezel of iPhone X
• Take control of your scroll: customizing pull-to-refresh and overflow effects
• CSS tricks to revolutionise your web layouts
• Monitoring unused CSS by unleashing the raw power of the DevTools Protocol
• Getting Started With CSS Math Functions Level 4
• Aspect Ratios for Grid Items
• Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid




• The Cost Of JavaScript Loading JS fast = only send what you need + less transfer time + less time parsing/compiling code.
• Top Cheatsheets and Reference Guides for JavaScript
• JavaScript Symbols, Generators and Streams
• JavaScript. The Core: 2nd Edition, by Dmitry Soshnikov.
• Start Using Babel 7 Beta Today!
• Vue Konva: A JavaScript library for drawing complex canvas graphics using Vue







• Entering the Quantum Era—How Firefox got fast again and where it's going to get faster
• Firefox Quantum 57 for developers
• Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 44
• A super-stable WebVR user experience thanks to Firefox Quantum
• Is Firefox Quantum Really Any Good?

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