How Your Website Will Look in 2017: Meet the Trends



Everyone expects quite a lot from 2017, and this concerns web development as well. Today, our websites play important role in branding our businesses. The company’s success sometimes depends on ‘one click’ button, and it almost becomes art … Read more

Estimate Project Cost and Duration: Best Tools, Possible Challenges, and Influencers



The finishing point for any project is to deliver set tasks and requirements on time, accurately following the budget. It’s essential for the project manager to choose the right tools of measurement the cost and duration of the … Read more

24 hours StartUp Ideas Marathon – Hackathon


Have an idea for startup? No problem, Zfort will realize it in 24 hours. Hard to believe? Check out our weekend, 24 hours non-stop Hackathon digest.

On 29-30 October, our company had long-awaited Hackathon – 24 hours of … Read more

How to Describe Your Business Idea to Software Contractor

How to Describe Your Business Idea to Software Contractor
Ability to clearly explain a business idea is a core skill for any entrepreneur. Preparing a 5-minute startup pitch is essential when finding investors and partners. Even if you aren’t going to attract them, you will surely need … Read more

“Thanks for Calling. How Can We Scare You?” –Tips on Implementing Halloween into Marketing Strategy.

When it comes to promoting your product, sales people or marketing managers catch any opportunity to engage clients, so holiday greetings for your customers can help in increasing the awareness of your brand by quick and simple tips. … Read more

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