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Nowadays there is no more effective way to reach new customers than through online marketing with your own professionally designed informative custom website combined with social media platforms. No matter what type of business you are going to promote online, it will help you to create new and profitable relationships, as well as big profits. Not only transferring some information, but encouraging business and new ideas along with innovations, a custom website is an easy way to represent your entire business all over the world. 

The custom website main attribute is its diversity from competitors’ templates as it is built to your specifications by a web designer you have chosen. The unique features of the custom website, implemented by the designer, allow it to become an effective marketing and advertising tool for all kind of businesses. As online rating of any website is valued on the basis of its individual design and the idea that expresses the main objective of its creation, only custom website design will make your site to have a worthy look online.


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Goals of a Custom Website

With a custom website its owner can get much more visitors and potential customers, but there are a number of goals the website should meet to be an effective one when designed.

  • Custom website look and feel. A right form of the website with an appropriate UI that will meet the needs of your visitors should be chosen.
  • Branding. The website without a company logo, a mission statement, or some other form of identity seems less than professional. A brand should be clearly stated and enforced with the style and content of the site.
  • Quality content. Feature content, consisted of two or three strong keywords that will attract the attention of search engines and focus on being useful to the visitors. The goal with content is to be included as a bookmarked page on the users’ browsers to return once again.
  • Optimisation. The website should be properly optimised and have a SEO-friendly structure.
  • Interactivity. This feature can include different methods of keeping in touch with visitors (mails, surveys, contests). In most cases, some additional software should be built in to activate these services.
  • Control. Content management systems (CMS) can be very useful and allow you to access and modify website content pages, form submissions, traffic analytics etc.

Custom website

Key Features of a Custom Website

Not only the goals, but the key features of the custom website should be kept in mind when designing. There are several important points that would help your site to win among the others.

  • Design. It attracts the visitors first, so it should not be irritating – neither dull nor splurgy. The main purpose of the design is to keep the visitor stay online and return once again. So the design should be pretty well-considered.
  • Navigation. The main task of this feature is to please visitors while surfing. Navigation should be easy and understandable. Links should be placed in such a way the visitor will not become irritated by not understanding where to click.
  • Proper Content. The content should be exactly the same the visitors have been promised to see. Having faced something else they may not return to check if something has been changed. Make sure your website contains enough useful information to make the visitors interested in it. Additional FAQ section is strongly recommended. Also, many users appreciate the possibility to find the accurate answers concerning the website operating and so forth.
  • Contact Information. It is clear that some issues may appear while visiting the website. The visitors should be sure that they may always rely on your support. A visitor may never return to your site if he has failed to contact you with some problem. Be sure to add all necessary contact info (e-mail, phone number, a link leading to a contact form, etc.) for the visitor to find it and use in an easy way.
  • Search Option. If your website appears to be full with different types of information, it will be appropriate for visitors to find the necessary content with the special search form or field just typing some keywords and then check the results of the search process. Providing such an option you may believe they will be pleased a lot with it. CMS can be used to establish a search function on your website.
  • Sitemap. The sitemap is a list of links leading to all pages of the website. Clicking the necessary link leads to the appropriate site section.
  • Web Browsers Compatibility. Your website should be compatible with as many web browsers as possible and run properly in each of them, especially on the most popular ones.
  • Images. They are an integral part of your website that makes it look nice and attractive. All the images should be of the proper size and format.
  • Analytics. Statistics and analytics option helps the owners of the website to see how popular their web presence is and what aspects should be improved\removed\added. Statistics helps to discover how do visitors find your website, who links to you, how many clicks the site has and so on. 

Types of Custom Web Development by Zfort Group

As one of the Ukrainian IT industry’s certifiably best employers, Zfort Group has been able to create a powerful, internationally award-winning design and development team that can excel at every stage of a custom website design and development project, including research and analysis, development of a functional specification, wire-framing and creative design, SEO-friendly HTML/CSS coding and programming, quality assurance and maintenance of delivered solutions.

We have extensive experience with the following types of custom web development:

  • Intranet systems and web applications
  • Facebook applications
  • Maintenance and support
  • Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress CMS systems
  • PHP development
  • and many other web project types.


We would be happy to discuss
any questions you may have:

The bottom line is that Zfort Group doesn't just crank out "cookie cutter" websites from a series of mediocre boilerplates. Our work is original, unique and designed to meet your exact needs and specifications. Zfort Group creates websites with a unique look and feel that will give you an edge. No matter what your requirements, needs, concepts or ideas may be, you can always count on us for custom-developed, well-researched and tailored solutions designed to complement your corporate image and help you achieve your goals.

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